Pokémon Go Tornadus Raid Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, and Moveset

The Pokémon Go community has its eyes set on the latest addition to its Legendary Raid Battles, Tornadus. As one of the Forces of Nature trio, this powerful Flying-type Pokémon is going to be a strong challenge for avid trainers. In this article, let’s dive into what makes Tornadus a worthy opponent and how players can effectively counter its strengths, tackle its weaknesses, and understand its moveset.

Tornadus Weaknesses:

Being a pure Flying-type Pokémon, Tornadus is vulnerable to Electric and Rock-type attacks. However, since it doesn’t share any secondary type weaknesses, those are your primary targets.

Best Counters:

To successfully bring down Tornadus in a raid, it’s advised that you assemble a team of powerful Electric or Rock-type Pokémon. Given the vulnerabilities of Tornadus and their attack advantages against it, some of the most effective counters include:

1. Electivire: With its excellent Electric-type attacks – Thunder Shock and Wild Charge – Electivire will rain havoc on Tornadus.

2. Rampardos: This dinosaur-like Pokémon with signature moves Smack Down and Rock Slide will be a significant ally against the Forces of Nature.

3. Raikou: The Legendary Electric-type beast can utilize Thunder Shock and Wild Charge moves to annihilate Tornadus effectively.

4. Rhyperior: Resistant to Flying-type attacks and boasting moves like Smack Down paired with Rock Wrecker or Stone Edge, Rhyperior is a great choice when handling Tornadus.

5. Zapdos: Fierce attacks like Thundershock and Thunderbolt from this Legendary Electric/Flying-type counter make it challenging for Tornadus to withstand the damage.

6. Magnezone: This Electric-type Pokémon can benefit from utilizing Spark and Wild Charge

techniques against the powerful tornado.

Tornadus Moveset:

Understanding Tornadus’ moveset plays an essential role in formulating an effective strategy during the raid. It incorporates a combination of fast moves and charge moves:

Fast Moves:

– Air Slash (Flying)

– Bite (Dark)

Charge Moves:

– Grass Knot (Grass)

– Hurricane (Flying)

– Dark Pulse (Dark)

Plan your counters accordingly to ensure minimal damage from Tornadus’ moveset while exploiting its weaknesses to the fullest. By incorporating powerful Electric and Rock-types and coordinating a well-selected team, you can successfully take down Tornadus in Pokémon Go Legendary Raids. Happy hunting, trainers!