Reading Fluency Is About Accuracy, Expression, and Phrasing—Not Just Speed

Reading fluency involves more than just speed. It encompasses accuracy, expression, and phrasing as well. While speed is a component of reading fluently, it is not the sole measure of fluency. 

Accuracy refers to reading words correctly. Fluent readers are able to accurately decode and recognize words, resulting in a smooth and seamless reading experience. It is important for readers to grasp the meaning of each word to fully comprehend the text.

Expression involves reading with appropriate intonation, rhythm, and emotion. It brings life to the text and allows readers to convey the intended message effectively. Expression adds depth and engagement to the reading experience, helping readers connect with the content on a deeper level.

Phrasing refers to grouping words together in meaningful chunks or phrases. It helps readers understand the syntactic structure of sentences and comprehend the text as a whole. Fluent readers are able to distinguish between different phrases, allowing for smoother and more natural reading.

Rather than focusing solely on speed, educators and parents should emphasize the development of accuracy, expression, and phrasing when working on reading fluency. By doing so, readers will not only read faster but also with better comprehension and engagement.