Reasons Why the iPhone X is Still a Great Buy in 2023


Despite being several years old, the iPhone X remains a popular choice for many consumers in 2023. Apple’s flagship device from 2017 has proven its longevity and continues to offer great value to savvy shoppers. In this article, we explore the top reasons why the iPhone X is still an excellent buy today.

Reason 1: Affordability

The iPhone X’s price has significantly dropped since its initial launch. As newer models have been introduced, consumers can now find this once-premium device at a fraction of the cost, offering a fantastic balance of features and affordability, without sacrificing quality.

Reason 2: Powerful Performance

Even in 2023, the iPhone X’s A11 Bionic chip ensures that it delivers speedy performance and remains competitive with many of its contemporaries. From multitasking to high-quality gaming, the iPhone X runs smoothly and efficiently.

Reason 3: FaceID Technology

As one of Apple’s pioneering devices with FaceID technology, the iPhone X provides secure access using facial recognition. Even years later, FaceID remains a reliable and efficient security method for modern smartphone users.

Reason 4: Timeless Design

With its all-glass design and stainless steel frame, the iPhone X boasts a sleek and timeless appearance that remains relevant in 2023. Its edge-to-edge OLED display delivers vibrant colors and sharp images, ensuring users an excellent visual experience.

Reason 5: Regular iOS Updates

Apple is known for providing long-term support to its devices through timely software updates

for both security and new features. The continued support for the iPhone X ensures that it stays updated with the latest capabilities available to iOS users.

Reason 6: Outstanding Camera Quality

The iPhone X’s camera setup won multiple accolades during its initial run and continues to impress today. With features like Portrait Mode and Dual OIS, the device takes stunning photos that rival even newer smartphone models.

Reason 7: Wireless Charging

As more devices adopt wireless charging, the iPhone X’s compatibility with Qi wireless chargers means users can experience the convenience of simply placing their phone on a charging pad without fussing with cables.


While the iPhone X may not be the latest model in Apple’s lineup, it remains a fantastic choice for those seeking a high-quality device at a more affordable price point. From robust performance to regular iOS updates and outstanding camera capabilities, it is clear why the iPhone X continues to be an attractive option for consumers in 2023.