Reddit Teachers Share Their Funniest Typos and Faux Pas


Teaching has its ups and downs, and every teacher has a story to tell. Recently, an enlightening thread on Reddit invited teachers to come forward and share their funniest typos and faux pas they’ve encountered in their teaching careers. The responses ranged from hilarious misprints in textbooks to awkward mix-ups in the classroom. Without further ado, let us dive into some of the most amusing anecdotes that will surely give you a good laugh!

1. The Ironic Typo:

One teacher recalled receiving a printed sheet from her colleague with this humorous typo, “Please proofread your work carefully for mistakes before handing it in.” Ironically, the word “proofread” was misspelled as “porofread.” The teacher couldn’t help but wonder if it was intentional or a genuine oversight.

2. The Unintended Compliment:

In an English class essay discussing Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, one student discussed the characters’ “public displays of infection,” instead of “public displays of affection.” Despite the error, the teacher couldn’t help but agree that the love-struck teens were certainly infectious!

3. The Math Problem Mix-Up:

A math teacher shared a story about a test they had devised which included a question about calculating a car’s speed. However, they accidentally wrote “crash” instead of “car” throughout the question, leading students to wonder why the velocity of an impending collision was part of the curriculum.

4. The Science of Laughter:

During a science exam, one student provided a noteworthy response to the prompt asking for examples of gases. Instead of listing common gases like oxygen or nitrogen, the student wrote down “laughing gaseous,” impressing the teacher with their creativity (and humor) under pressure.

5. The Artistic Faux Pas:

An art teacher asked their students to sketch a still-life composition, but unfortunately made a slight mistake during a demonstration. As they explained the concept of foreshortening, they accidentally drew an anatomically incorrect hand. The students were quick to spot the error and couldn’t hold back their laughter.

6. The Geography Blunder:

One student was assigned to label all the countries on a map of Europe. Reaching the Swedish peninsula, the student accidentally wrote “Swedistan” instead of “Sweden.” Although the teacher found it amusing, she had to give proper credit for creativity.


These stories demonstrate that even in the world of teaching, mistakes can lead to laughter and unforgettable memories. While it’s vital for educators to maintain professionalism and accuracy in their work, it’s also essential to remember that everyone is human and prone to errors from time to time. Thanks to Reddit’s teachers for sharing their funniest typos and faux pas, reminding us that we all need a little humor in our lives.