Showtime! 9 Perfect Musicals for the Middle School Set

The stage is set, the lights are dimmed, and the anticipation is tangible as middle school students prepare to put on a musical theater production. From Broadway classics to modern hits, there are plenty of age-appropriate options out there that can help young performers showcase their considerable talents. Here is a list of nine perfect musicals for the middle school set.

1. Annie

This beloved story about an orphan girl and her journey to find a loving family has inspired audiences for generations. With lively music and a heartwarming message about hope and resilience, “Annie” is an excellent choice for any middle school production.

2. The Music Man

A timeless tale of con artists, romance, and small-town life, “The Music Man” remains a staple of American musical theater. Middle school students will love the catchy songs and engaging plot, making this show perfect for any age group.

3. The Lion King Jr.

Adapted from Disney’s hit film and stage production, “The Lion King Jr.” simplifies the classic story of Simba’s journey to become king while still featuring stunning costumes, music, and choreography. This popular show is appropriate for all ages and offers a unique challenge for students seeking to recreate the magic of the African savannah on stage.

4. Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Another Disney adaptation tailored specifically to young performers, “Beauty and the Beast Jr.” offers a new take on this tale as old as time. With memorable music and the opportunity for creative costume design, this show is sure to enchant audiences both young and old.

5. Seussical

This whimsical musical brings Dr. Seuss’ children’s book characters to life in a colorful and zany world filled with adventure, friendship, and larger-than-life personalities. Perfect for middle school students looking to capture imaginations while showcasing their vocal and theatrical talents.

6. Into the Woods Jr.

A unique spin on classic fairy tales, “Into the Woods Jr.” offers a more accessible version of Stephen Sondheim’s beloved musical for younger audiences. With a fun storyline that keeps everyone guessing, catchy tunes, and an unforgettable cast of characters, this show is a creative choice for an imaginative middle school production.

7. High School Musical

Featuring the iconic characters of East High School and catchy songs that will leave audiences singing long after the show is over, “High School Musical” remains a popular production option for middle schools everywhere. With themes of friendship, confidence, and self-discovery, this show is perfect for young performers.

8. 13: The Musical

Written specifically for young actors, “13: The Musical” addresses common middle school challenges like fitting in and finding oneself through music and humor. With unforgettable melodies that resonate with preteen audiences, it’s an excellent option for any middle school.

9. James and the Giant Peach Jr.

This whimsical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s beloved book follows James on his fantastical journey atop a magical peach as he learns life lessons from an unusual cast of characters. Fun, imaginative, and perfect for young actors looking to tackle a unique musical theater experience.

These nine musicals are perfect for the middle school set, offering engaging stories, memorable music, and exciting opportunities for students to showcase their theatrical skills. No matter which production you choose, remember to encourage creativity and support your young performers as they take center stage!