Sony LinkBuds S Review: Sony’s Goldilocks Earbuds

In the ever-expanding world of audio devices, Sony has consistently been a frontrunner in terms of innovation and quality. The company’s latest release, the LinkBuds S, presents an impressive blend of style, performance, and usability that easily positions them as “just right” for a wide range of consumers.

Design and Comfort

When it comes to comfort and aesthetic appeal, the LinkBuds S hit a sweet spot. Their sleek design is both unobtrusive and stylish. The open-fit style of these earbuds allows for long-lasting comfort during extended listening sessions without causing any physical strain or discomfort. Moreover, the unique ring structure ensures a secure hold in the ears, preventing them from falling out during vigorous activities.

Sound Quality

The Sony LinkBuds S boast excellent sound quality that suits various music genres and audio applications. They offer crisp highs and warm mids accompanied by deep bass response. The all-around balance delivers an immersive listening experience that rivals competitors in its class.

Spatial Audio Technology

One standout feature of the LinkBuds S is their incorporation of spatial audio technology. Through its integrated 360 Reality Audio, users are offered an encompassing sound experience that enhances content immersion. This feature can give music enthusiasts a more realistic listening environment as well as improve smartphone users’ experiences when watching movies or playing games.

Battery Life

The battery capacity in Sony’s LinkBuds S is competitive with other earbuds on the market. They provide approximately eight hours of continuous playback on a single charge, allowing users to go through most of their days without needing to recharge. Additionally, the compact charging

case holds extra battery power to replenish the earbuds when not in use.

Call Quality and Controls

For those who rely on their earbuds for calls and video conferences, the LinkBuds S deliver crystal-clear call quality. Their advanced voice-pickup microphones capture speech with precision, while background noises are effectively suppressed. The tactile controls on each earbud are easy to navigate and allow for seamless command over calls, music playback, and virtual assistants.


The LinkBuds S is also proficient in its connectivity department. They work well with both iOS and Android devices, enabling effortless pairing and maintaining a stable connection during use. Furthermore, the multipoint technology allows users to connect two devices simultaneously, catering to those who may need to switch between media sources on-the-go.

In conclusion, Sony’s LinkBuds S strike the perfect balance in terms of design, audio and call quality, battery life, and connectivity. With features like spatial audio technology and multipoint connectivity setting them apart from the competition, these Goldilocks earbuds cater to casual listeners and audiophiles alike.