Sony PS2 Review – A Look Back at the Iconic Console


The Sony PlayStation 2, or PS2, was released in the year 2000, and it became one of the most successful video game consoles of all time. Known for its vast library of games, memorable titles, and powerful hardware for the time, the PS2 has left a lasting impact on the gaming industry. In this article, we’ll be taking a walk down memory lane to review the Sony PS2 and its incredible legacy.

Design and Hardware:

The PS2’s design is iconic with its sleek black casing and blue accents. It had two main orientations: vertical and horizontal. The console featured two controller ports, two memory card slots for saving your game progress, as well as support for an additional multi-tap accessory that allowed up to four players to connect at once.

The hardware of the PS2 was revolutionary for its time. It had a custom-designed processor known as Emotion Engine that delivered impressive performance in rendering graphics and running complex simulations. The graphics processing unit (GPU) could handle high-resolution textures and supported features like anti-aliasing and environmental mapping that made games look even better. The console’s DVD reader also made it more than just a gaming console; it became a well-rounded multimedia player.

Game Library:

The PS2 had an unparalleled collection of games, featuring some classic titles that gamers still remember fondly today. Franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Resident Evil, and many others thrived on this console. Several new IPs emerged on the platform like Katamari Damacy and Ico which developed significant fan followings and critical acclaim.

Furthermore, the PS2 was backward compatible with original PlayStation titles which meant you could enjoy your favorite classic games alongside new releases.

Online Gaming:

Though online gaming wasn’t as prevalent or popular as it is today, the PS2 still offered the ability to play games online with its network adapter accessory. Games like SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, Twisted Metal: Black Online, and Final Fantasy XI allowed players to experience online gaming on a console for the first time.


Though later consoles have long surpassed the capabilities of the PS2, its impact on gaming is undeniable. The PS2 introduced gamers to incredible experiences that would shape their expectations from future generations of consoles. With over 155 million units sold worldwide, it remains the best-selling console in history, solidifying its place in gaming history.


The Sony PlayStation 2 was a transformative gaming console that left a lasting impression on millions of gamers worldwide. With its groundbreaking hardware, immense library of games, and pioneering online capabilities, it remains an important part of the gaming industry’s legacy. Though technology has evolved significantly since then, there’s no denying that the PS2 was truly a game-changer in its prime.