Teaching Students About Princess Margaret’s Death: An Educational Approach


The passing of Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, on February 9, 2002, marks a significant moment in British history. As educators, it is essential to teach students about the life and legacy of the late princess in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the British monarchy and its impact on world events.

I. The Life of Princess Margaret

Teaching students about Princess Margaret’s life will help them understand her role in the British royal family.

A. Early Years and Education

– Explain the significance of her birth as the daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother), and how her education took place within the royal household.

– Discuss her childhood experiences during World War II, and how they shaped her strong character.

B. Adult Life and Royal Duties

– Introduce her official roles within the monarchy, as well as her dedication to charities and public services.

– Elaborate on key events during her adult life, including relationships and marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones.

II. Causes and Impacts of Her Death

Discussing Princess Margaret’s death in-depth allows students to examine its causes and effects both personally and politically.

A. Causes

– Present the biographical factors that contributed to Margaret’s ill health prior to her death, including a history of smoking, strokes, and other medical issues.

– Talk about the immediate cause of her death – a massive stroke resulting in fatal heart problems.

B. Impacts on British Monarchy and Society

– Explain how the passing affected Queen Elizabeth II from a personal standpoint.

– Discuss public reaction to Princess Margaret’s death as well as how it served as a moment for reflection on royal life and its adherence to tradition.

III. Legacy

Reflecting on Princess Margaret’s legacy will enable students to form their own perspectives on her significance in contemporary history.

– Examine how Margaret’s unwillingness to conform to traditional expectations in her personal life made her a polarizing figure.

– Study her influence on the fashion world and as a style icon.

– Highlight her dedication to charity work and arts organizations.


Teaching students about Princess Margaret’s death provides an opportunity for educators to present a nuanced understanding of the British royal family and its impact on social, political, and cultural factors in the United Kingdom and beyond. By exploring her life, examining the causes and effects of her death, and appreciating her legacy, students can gain valuable insight into the historical significance of Princess Margaret.