Tech is the Circulatory System of the School

Let’s think of your school as a breathing, living organism, and, in more ways than one, it is. This organism consists of a group of people working together toward a common goal: learner education.

They collaborate through interconnected systems, dependencies and workflow, much like the human body does. Each system has a purpose in the body and works toward the grand goal of keeping the body alive and functioning.

In schools, tech is the same as the circulatory system. We’ll be discussing the role of tech as the circulatory system in schools throughout this article.

The Role of Tech

The circulatory system is vital in our bodies and extends to every part of the body, delivering blood to guarantee that life continues. It consists of various components and mechanisms that ensure that blood is oxygenated and exchanged, while also being prepared for emergencies. 

Tech fulfills the same role. Today, the purpose of technologies in schools is to distribute the organization’s lifeblood in information. Whether it is Wi-Fi and a network cable serving as the veins and arteries, or continued access to up-to-date information serving as the oxygen, tech makes sure that every part of the school receives what they need. 

It has protective measures and backups that act as crisis management. Like the body’s circulatory system, tech functions around 98% of the time, and many people ignore it unless disaster strikes. 

The Heart & Why It Must Be Kept Healthy

Not only is tech the school’s circulatory system, but it is also the heart. From a functional point of view, tech does act as the heart of a school – the systems and servers that pump data and information throughout the institution are indeed a vital organ.

They must be appropriately protected, maintained, and free of backups and clogging. If this system were to break down, the result would have the same effect as a heart attack, with the potential for severity being the same. 

Sure, tech is the functional circulatory system and heart of the school. Still, it is not the emotional core, and this is key for stakeholders to understand, as it sets transparent culture and expectations. 

Understanding Tech’s Critical Role

Suppose educators, learners, parents, leaders and tech personnel understand the important role tech plays in the school’s operational and academic areas. In that case, the institution can set appropriate expectations. The tech department’s communications and uptime requirements will be more in line with everyone else’s reliance on their work.

The need for appropriate funding and institutional support will ensure that the circulatory system remains healthy, and stakeholders will understand the need for clear operational procedures and protective measures.

As ed-tech continues to grow and evolve, it will become more important to schools and educational institutions. This is why it is crucial to understand the role it plays in schools today.


Tech is the school’s circulatory system, and by treating it as such, the organization’s functional aspect can be improved and maintained healthily. This lets everyone focus on the real heart of the institution.