The 10 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Finding funding for college might take much work. Check out the suggested part-time employment for students from BestColleges to assist pay for their education.


  • Given the choice between education costs and “fun money,” many college students choose to work.
  • There are several jobs available for college students to apply for.
  • Tutoring, child care, and food service are a few excellent careers for college students.


The cost of attending college is well known. Your pocketbook is likely to take a significant hit from the price of tuition, books, and on-campus living. And that’s before you even consider “fun money” for things like vacations, friend-related lunches, new clothing, or devices.


Many students opt for part-time employment with flexible hours while they study because of the high expense of attending college. Jobs for learners are often available in industries including child care, food service, and more. Others put in summertime labor to create school-year savings. Part-time work is ideal for you if you could use the additional cash.


What Are the Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students?




If you aced the SAT or ACT, the benefits might not stop with college admittance; you may also be able to make a solid living by tutoring high school kids for the SAT/ACT. Services for college preparation include both in-person and online coaching. As of May 2021, the median hourly income for tutors was $17.50, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).


If you’re interested in tutoring, find out if any after-school or weekend tutoring programs near your institution are recruiting by searching online or locally.


Admissions Essay Editor


College students may enjoy editing college application essays. Informing your consumers that you authored an excellent essay to get into your institution may increase their trust in your ability to assist them in doing the same.




The need for dependable babysitters is constant. This can be a wonderful match for you if you like children. Pay varies depending on where you work and how many kids you supervise. However, babysitting is frequently simple to fit into a student’s schedule because babysitters are most in-demand in the evenings.


Ask if anybody needs a babysitter if you live in a neighborhood with families. Mention any experience you may have.


Restaurant Server


According to the BLS, there is a high demand for restaurant servers and cashiers. You can look for jobs with competitive base pay and chances to earn sizable tips. You can learn a lot on the job as a server and probably get free food or other perks from the restaurant.


Although serving can be physically taxing, a good server can earn generous tips. You can frequently work around your classes or exams because serving jobs typically operate in shifts.


Summer Camp Counselor


Consider working as a camp counselor for a fun summer career. It won’t interfere with your studies because it’s a seasonal job. Summer camps come in various forms, including day programs, sleepaway camps, and themed camps.


As of May 2021, the median hourly wage for leisure professionals was $14, according to the BLS. Some sleepaway camps also provide lodging and meals while the camper is there.


Online Lifestyle Writer


College students become the ideal authors for blogs and publications that target a student’s readership. Whether you like writing, investigate if your preferred “college life” websites take submissions.


You may create articles on dorm life, choosing your degree, college humor, and more. As long as you hit your deadlines, you’ll often get paid per article and have freedom when you write.


Home Health Aide


A career as a home health aide can be a suitable match for a college student who wants to work meaningfully and for a living. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities may rely on home health aides for anything from everyday duties to medication administration.


As of May 2021, the BLS reported that the median hourly wage for home health aides was $14. Working as a home health aide may be a terrific opportunity to learn about the medical industry and benefit your community simultaneously.


Administrative Temp


For administrative temp workers, flexibility is key. When full-time workers are absent, temporary staffing organizations, often known as temp agencies, hire applicants for temporary positions in industries like data entry or reception.


As of May 2021, the BLS estimated that administrative assistants’ hourly median wage was $19. However, temperatures might be a little higher or lower.


Temporary assignments may readily fit into spring or autumn breaks because of their short duration. They could also let you get some experience as a student working in an office.


Brand Ambassador


College students are in high demand from brands to promote their goods on campuses and persuade other students to try them. These kids are paid as brand advocates. The more people who try the product you’re advertising, the more money you get, so this is a terrific career for college students who like talking to others.


Although the pay for brand ambassadors varies widely, the work is flexible enough to fit into ordinary student life, making it an excellent informal side job.




If you enjoy your morning coffee, think about becoming a barista. Coffee shops are common on college campuses, and since baristas usually only work during the day, you won’t be as exhausted from your shifts the next day in class.


Finding a coffee shop hiring near your college campus should be relatively easy because there is a high demand for baristas.


Should I Get a Job During College?


You are the only one who can decide whether or not to get employment while in college. There are several things to think about, such as your financial condition and how finding a job would affect the cost of your college education.


Only some tasks require the same amount of time. Instead of attempting to juggle a part-time job with studies, busy students may decide to work just during breaks or during the summer.


When researching college employment, take into account the following:




  • Work may help you supplement your income for personal expenses,
  • acquire experience working in the real world while you are a student,
  • and explore career options outside the classroom.




  • Working long hours may interfere with your education.
  • Finding well-paying employment without a degree might be challenging.
  • Juggling two different sets of obligations can be psychologically exhausting.


Where Can I Find a Part-Time Job as a Student?


Your college campus might be a wonderful place to start if you search for part-time employment during the academic year. In addition to holding on-campus job fairs, many college campuses also advertise jobs on job boards that are either physical, online, or both.


If you’re applying for a job with a smaller company, take the time during the interview to inquire about the employment conditions to ensure they’re valid. Additionally, you may search for part-time work online via the websites of specific businesses or employment search engines like LinkedIn.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students


Are part-time jobs good for students?


Students may take part-time employment as a fantastic method to supplement their income and build their resumes with relevant work experience before they graduate. It depends on the person, however, whether or not part-time work is beneficial for a student.


Think about the job’s hours, physical demands, present course load, and schedule before determining whether or not to accept a part-time job as a college student. The emphasis should be on your academics, so try to avoid taking up part-time work that might jeopardize your academic standing.


What jobs can a college student get?


Any part-time or full-time work that doesn’t need a college degree is available to students. Additionally, there are jobs available that are intended especially for students.


College students may find wonderful careers in the restaurant and food service industries, retail, administration, and childcare. Additionally, learners may find employment as on-campus brand ambassadors and as college-specific writers on college life for various periodicals.


Are there online part-time jobs for students?


Students might find a range of online part-time employment. Students who edit college admissions essays and serve as SAT or ACT instructors may work from home.


Students who like writing could also consider contributing articles on dorm life, student fashion trends, getting ready for college, and other topics to online magazines’ “student life” sections. Students could also find additional part-time internet writing and editing work.