The Best Kindergarten Field Trips (Both Virtual and In-Person!)


Field trips form an essential part of the kindergarten experience as they offer engaging, educational, and fun experiences for young children. They provide opportunities for hands-on learning, which can strengthen both social skills and cognitive development. With recent advancements in technology, virtual field trips have also become popular alongside traditional in-person field trips. In this article, we explore the best kindergarten field trips, both virtual and in-person.

In-Person Field Trips

1. Local Zoo: A visit to the local zoo not only allows children to see animals up close but also teaches them about habitats and animal behavior. This interactive experience can spark curiosity and encourage lifelong learning about animals.

2. Children’s Museum: These museums are designed specifically for young audiences, providing a hands-on learning experience while incorporating age-appropriate exhibits and activities that engage their curiosity and imagination.

3. Nature Center: Visiting a nature center or wildlife sanctuary can give children the chance to be immersed in natural environments and learn about plant life, insects, and birdwatching. It’s an excellent opportunity for young kids to develop an appreciation of nature and environmental conservation.

4. Pumpkin Patches and Apple Orchards: Such visits encourage active play through hayrides, pumpkin picking, or apple harvesting activities while teaching students about agriculture and farming practices.

5. Fire Station: A tour of a local fire station is an exciting way for kindergartners to learn about fire safety and prevention, as well as community helpers who keep us safe every day.
Virtual Field Trips

1. San Diego Zoo Kids: This free virtual tour showcases numerous exhibits from the famous San Diego Zoo. Children can learn about animal species while watching live camera feeds of their favorite animals.

2. Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips: Education experts have curated immersive experiences covering various topics like outer space, biodiversity, STEM concepts, literature, and more. These tours have interactive elements that make learning fun and engaging.

3. FarmFood 360: Introduce children to the world of farming by experiencing a virtual tour of Canadian farms. These 360° virtual experiences allow kindergartners to learn about farm life, food origins, and sustainable practices.

4. Google Arts & Culture Virtual Tours: This extensive collection features virtual tours of fascinating museums, cultural sites, and landmarks from around the world. The platform brings together artworks, artifacts, and historic sites—captivating young minds.

5. Yellowstone National Park Virtual Tour: Children can explore the natural wonders of this famous park with interactive guided tours showcasing geysers, hot springs, and exciting geological features.


Field trips are an invaluable educational tool for kindergarteners, helping them develop essential skills while exploring the world around them. Both traditional in-person field trips and virtual experiences offer unique ways for young children to expand their knowledge and make connections through engaging learning experiences. Consider incorporating a mix of these field trip options into your kindergarten curriculum for a well-rounded and enriching education