The Best Science Websites for Elementary School Students:

  1. National Geographic Kids ( This website offers a wide range of science topics with interactive games, videos, and articles specifically designed for elementary school students. It covers subjects like animals, space, nature, and more.
  2. NASA Kids’ Club ( NASA provides an engaging platform for young students to explore space and learn about the universe. It includes educational games, videos, and activities related to space missions, astronauts, and the science behind space exploration.
  3. Science Kids ( Science Kids features a variety of science experiments, games, quizzes, and interesting facts for elementary school students. It covers topics like biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science in a fun and accessible way.
  4. Exploratorium ( This interactive science museum based in San Francisco offers a range of online resources for kids. Their website includes hands-on activities, videos, and exhibits related to science and technology. It also provides resources for teachers and parents.
  5. Bill Nye the Science Guy ( Bill Nye is a beloved science educator known for his engaging TV show and books. On his website, students can access science-related videos, experiments, and games to foster their curiosity and learning.
  6. How Stuff Works ( While not dedicated solely to elementary students, How Stuff Works provides educational content on a wide variety of topics, including science. It explores how things work, from everyday objects to complex concepts, through articles, videos, and podcasts.

Remember, always supervise children while they are browsing the internet and ensure the websites are appropriate for their age group. These websites can supplement classroom learning and encourage young students to explore and expand their scientific knowledge in a fun and interactive way.