The Best TV Picture Settings for Every Major Brand


Getting the best picture quality from your TV can make a significant difference in your viewing experience. Different TV brands have their own unique features and settings that can be adjusted for optimum performance. In this article, we will explore the ideal picture settings for major TV brands, including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio.


1. Picture Mode: Movie

2. Backlight: Adjust according to room lighting (recommended at 5)

3. Brightness: 45

4. Contrast: 95

5. Sharpness: 0

6. Color: 50

7. Tint (G/R): G50 / R50

8. Digital Clean View: Off

9. Auto Motion Plus: Off or Custom (low values for blur reduction)


1. Picture Mode: ISF Expert (Dark Room or Bright Room)

2. OLED Light: Adjust according to room lighting (recommended at 30-40)

3. Contrast: 85

4. Brightness: 50

5. Sharpness: 10

6. Color: 60

7. Tint: G50 / R50

8. Noise Reduction: Off or Low


1. Picture Mode: Cinema or Custom

2. Brightness/Backlight: Adjust according to room lighting (recommended at 5)

3. Contrast (Advanced Contrast Enhancer): 90, Low/Medium

4. Gamma/Black Level: -2 or -1 depending on desired darkness level.

5. Sharpness (Reality Creation): Manual / Resolutions set to Min.

6. Color (Live Color): Off or Low

7.Translation Enhancer/Noise Reductions-(Random Noise Reduction/MPEG Noise Reduction): Off


1.Picture Mode-Calibrated or Calibrated Dark

2.Backlight_Adjust according to room lighting

3.Brightness: 50

4.Contrast: 50

5.Sharpness: 20

6.Color Temp (Color Temperature): Normal or Cool

7.Black Detail: Off

8.Active LED Zones: On (if available)

9.Clear Action: Off


These recommended picture settings are a great starting point for optimizing your TV’s performance. Note that individual preferences and room conditions may require some tweaks to attain the perfect viewing experience. Experiment with different adjustments until you find the right balance for your specific environment and enjoy an enhanced visual treat on your TV screen.