The Big List of 15 FREE Apps for Students in Junior High and High School

  1. Khan Academy – An online platform offering educational videos and practice exercises for various subjects.
  2. Quizlet – A study tool that allows students to create flashcards and play interactive games to enhance their learning.
  3. Duolingo – A language-learning app that makes learning a new language fun and interactive.
  4. Google Drive – A cloud storage service that allows students to store and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
  5. Evernote – An app for note-taking and organizing study materials, which syncs across multiple devices.
  6. Trello – A productivity tool that helps students organize tasks, assignments, and projects using boards and cards.
  7. Forest – An app that helps students stay focused and avoid distractions by planting virtual trees during study sessions.
  8. Desmos – A powerful graphing calculator app that allows students to visualize mathematical concepts and solve equations.
  9. Photomath – A handy app that uses the camera to scan and solve math problems step by step.
  10. EasyBib – A citation generator app that helps students create accurate bibliographies for their research papers.
  11. Scribd – An online library platform that provides access to a vast collection of books, audiobooks, and documents.
  12. TED – An app that provides access to inspiring and educational talks by experts from various fields.
  13. Grammarly – A writing assistant app that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills.
  14. SparkNotes – An app that offers concise summaries and analyses of famous literary works.
  15. Remind – A communication tool that allows teachers to send reminders, announcements, and assignments to students and parents.

These apps provide a range of resources and tools to support and enhance student’s learning experience, making studying more efficient and enjoyable.