Top Public Beach Locations in New York City: 17 Best Beaches in NYC

For a reason, New York City is known as the City That Never Sleeps.

The name is fairly fitting, given all the activities there are to do.

You’ll never be bored in the city, whether you want to look at beautiful buildings or go to a Broadway show.

The Empire State Building and Times Square are notable monuments, but they’re not the only ones.

The beaches in NYC are very worthwhile.

Decide on one or two days to spend lounging in the white sand.

Here is a list of NYC’s top beaches.

  1. Coney Island in Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Coney Island is renowned for having an exciting amusement park right next to the ocean.

Since the late 19th century, it has served as a beach recreation area.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Your list of the finest things to do in NYC should include a visit to one of the city’s premier beaches.

You can experience more than 50 exhilarating rides and attractions at Coney Island.

Visit Coney Island to ride roller coasters, race go-karts, indulge in hearty meals, and more.

Of course, if you like, you may simply unwind or go swimming on the beach.

A Pro Tip

Finish the day strong.

From June through September, Coney Island sets off fireworks on the beach every Friday night.

Ensure that you arrive before 9:30 PM.

  1. Brooklyn’s Manhattan Beach

At the southernmost point of Brooklyn is Manhattan Beach.

One of the beaches in New York City that you can enjoy by yourself, with friends, or with family.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Set it up on Manhattan Beach if you’re up for a little bit of active fun.

You and your athletic buddies can take advantage of the many first-rate amenities at this beach.

It features playgrounds, baseball fields, and four different types of courts (basketball, tennis, volleyball, and handball).

For athletes, it’s unquestionably one of the best beaches in NYC.

A Pro Tip

After a strenuous and rewarding game, cool off in the beach’s waters or prepare some meals at one of the nearby barbecue grilling areas.

  1. Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach

One of the beaches at Coney Island is Brighton Beach.

You can conveniently walk to this beach from the boardwalk.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Due to Coney Island’s proximity, Brighton Beach is well known.

So anticipate increased crowding (but it’s fun to go to).

When you’re here, you are free to spend as much time as you like swimming and tanning.

Alternately, browse the surrounding Eastern European eateries and businesses.

A Pro Tip

As long as there are lifeguards on duty, swimming is permitted at Brighton Beach.

Additionally, closed-off areas are not swimmable.

  1. East Hampton’s Main Beach

One of East Hampton’s four beaches is Main Beach.

One of New York’s nicest and quietest beaches is this one.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Rich people are known to reside in the Hamptons.

When you visit Main Beach, you’ll feel pampered.

It’s less noisy and congested than other NYC beaches, but not by enough to qualify as remote.

Finding intriguing rocks and lovely seashells is easy here.

A Pro Tip

As long as a lifeguard is on duty, swimming is permitted at Main Beach.

Be cautious, though.

This coast occasionally experiences rough and powerful waves.

Even experienced swimmers can experience discomfort in the water.

  1. Sandy Hook — Jersey

Sandy Hook is situated on a small peninsula in the lower New York Harbor.

One of the top beaches close to New York City.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

If you want easy access to the bay and ocean beaches, Sandy Hook is a great beachfront location.

To your heart’s content, you can swim, fish, scuba dive, surf, and more.

You can even go on a picnic or purchase your refreshments at one of the nearby food vendors.

A Pro Tip

Enjoy Sandy Hook’s many walking and biking paths.

Spend some time visiting Sandy Hook Lighthouse, America’s oldest working lighthouse, which has been in operation for 250 years.

  1. Staten Island’s Midland Beach

South Beach is next to Midland Beach.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk is shared by both beaches.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Little ones will enjoy playing in and around the lovely sea turtle fountain that is located here on the seashore.

Traveling to Midland Beach is worthwhile for that reason alone.

However, you may also swim in the ocean, lounge out in the sun, and even play a few volleyball matches with your pals.

A Pro Tip

Visit the veteran’s memorial near Midland Beach to honor Staten Islanders who fought and gave their lives in numerous wars.

  1. Queens’ Jacob Riis Park Beach

Queens’ Jacob Riis Park is a beachfront park with 14 bays along the Atlantic coast.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

If you want to quickly escape the bustle of the city, Jacob Riis Park is a great choice.

One of the most beautiful beaches in NYC due to its expansive, sandy setting and inviting waves.

A Pro Tip

If you don’t want to become hungry, be sure to pack some food and snacks.

Nearby dining options are limited, and food carts aren’t constantly open.

  1. Long Beach — County of Nassau

A city in New York called Long Beach can be found on the Long Beach Barrier Island.

The Reynolds Channel and the Atlantic Ocean encircle it.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

You will reach Long Beach, a beach city, in less than an hour of driving from the city.

You can spend the day here relaxing in the fine, white sands, making sandcastles, or going for a swim in the water.

A Pro Tip

Long Beach lets people swim and surf, depending on the time of day and whether or not a lifeguard is on duty.

So, when you’re there, be sure to abide by their guidelines.

  1. Montauk, New York

East Hampton, Suffolk County, has a census-designated place called Montauk.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Looking for scenic beaches close to New York City?

Montauk is home to some of the city’s (and the area’s) most well-known beaches.

An excellent place to go saltwater fishing is here.

As long as you exercise caution, you can also swim on the beaches in Montauk.

Always keep a watch on your children.

On occasion, the waves at the Montauk beaches can be strong and dangerous.

A Pro Tip

If you have the time, go to Montauk Point State Park.

The Montauk Lighthouse Museum is located here.

Your shots will look fantastic against the lighthouse and the rugged beach that surrounds it.

  1. Fort Tilden Beach, Queens 

Queens’ Fort Tilden Beach is situated within the Gateway National Recreation Area.

A former military installation also houses the beach.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Fort Tilden Beach is a fantastic destination for explorers and thrill seekers.

While you can lounge and sunbathe on the beach itself, there are also lots of hiking and biking trails in the vicinity.

It may lead to bunkers and forts that have been abandoned.

Expert Advice

Because there are no lifeguards on duty, swimming is prohibited at Fort Tilden Beach.

When you’ve had enough of the area, you can always go on to other neighboring oceanfront locations like Rockaway Beach.

  1. Bronx’s Orchard Beach

13 distinct sections make up the 1.1-mile-long Orchard Beach.

The Bronx Riviera is another name for it.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Orchard Beach is one of the more well-known beaches in NYC because of all the things you can do there.

There are food stands, stores, playgrounds, picnic areas, and courts all around the central pavilion at this beachfront spot.

Of course, you may also take advantage of the nearby beach’s waves and excellent sand to relax.

Expert Advice

The variety of courts available at Orchard Beach will appeal to athletes.

There are a total of 26 courts, spanning from volleyball to basketball.

  1. Rockaway Beach, Queens 

Rockaway Beach is located in Queens, halfway between Rockaway Park and Arverne.

Many people think that it is New York City’s best beach for swimming.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

The best place to go for swimming and surfing in NYC is Rockaway Beach.

It is both a local and a tourist favorite because it is the only legal surfing beach in the city.

Expert Advice

There are a lot of fun things to do at Rockaway Beach, like playgrounds, skate parks, and courts, as well as water sports like basketball, baseball, and volleyball.

Additionally, Rockaway Beach has a location to play roller hockey and workout equipment.

  1. Fire Island’s Robert Moses State Park

At Fires Island’s westernmost point is where you’ll find Robert Moses State Park. It is surrounded by nearly five kilometers of beach.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Visitors to the beach will never run out of exciting and entertaining things to do.

In addition to swimming and boogie boarding, you may go surfing and fishing.

When you feel hungry, parks also offer picnic tables and grills.

The shorefront’s volleyball court is also available to athletes.

Even stargazing is permitted with a permit.

Expert Advice

Starting at Field 5, do a three-quarters-mile hike to Fire Island.

You may travel to the Fire Island Lighthouse from here or discover the nearby villages of Kismet and Saltaire.

  1. Suffolk County’s Shelter Island

East of Long Island is where the Town of Shelter Island is situated.

It is around 90 miles east of New York City.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Visiting one of Shelter Island’s beaches is among the nicest things you can do while there.

With a 20-mile shoreline, there are a ton of options.

Crescent Beach is a popular destination (also called Sunset Beach).

You can swim in the crystal-clear seas, wander along the shore, and collect lovely shells here.

Expert Advice

Using paddle boards in creeks and canals is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the aquatic life around Shelter Island.

Consequently, you ought to give it a try.

  1. The Jersey Shore’s Asbury Park

Monmouth County includes the city of Asbury Park.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Set aside some time to visit Asbury Park Beach while in New Jersey.

When there are lifeguards on duty, you can swim in the cold waters nearby or lounge in your beach chairs while watching children construct sandcastles.

Expert Advice

At Eighth Avenue, there is a dog beach at Asbury Park Beach.

You can enjoy various beach activities with your dog here.

Just remember to wear your dog’s collar with a current dog license on it.

  1. Long Island’s Jones Beach

Inside Jones Beach State Park is where you’ll find Jones Beach.

It’s regarded as NYC’s kid-friendly beach by some.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Visit Jones Beach for 6.5 miles of stunning white sand and the cool Atlantic Ocean breeze.

Swimmers of all skill levels will enjoy this seaside setting.

As long as a lifeguard is on duty, you are free to choose from any location along the beach.

Zach’s Bay’s calmer waters are a fantastic area for young children to begin diving.

Expert Advice

There are many places on Jones Beach where you can do other water sports, like stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing, and kayaking.

  1. Staten Island’s South Beach

One of the nicest beaches in New York City is South Beach, which you can get to by ferry from Lower Manhattan.

It shares a border with Midland Beach.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

If you want to leave the crowded metropolis but not travel too far, South Beach is a fantastic option.

Take a stroll down the boardwalk, have fun on the beach, or cool off in the sea.

Additionally, there are a ton of areas for sunbathers to enjoy along the shore.

Expert Advice

In addition to swimming, you may check out the Ocean Breeze fishing pier or test your luck at the neighborhood amusement park.