Top Public Beach Spots in Bermuda: 17 Best Beaches!

For beachgoers, photographers, and sunbathers, Bermuda is a fantastical paradise.

Bermuda guarantees a fantastic and unforgettable beach vacation with its secret coves, striking rock formations, and rose-pink coasts.

Additionally, it features a varied selection of shorelines, from kid-friendly havens to undiscovered, underappreciated wonders.

Guess what else?

By listing Bermuda’s top beaches, we’re assisting you in making the perfect travel arrangements.

  1. Horseshoe Bay Beach

This curved-shaped beach, which is tucked away on the southern shore of the main island, entices tourists with its pink sand and clear blue waters.

Why We Suggest This Seaside

Without a doubt, Horseshoe Bay is Bermuda’s most well-known and frequently photographed beach.

It is often called one of the most beautiful beaches in the world because of its clear blue water and pink sand.

It also has all the facilities you need for a great beach vacation, like stores that sell things you need at the beach.

The beach ought to be at the top of everyone’s list of the greatest things to do in Bermuda, with its picture-perfect beauty and fantastic activities.

A Pro Tip

All year long, Horseshoe is gorgeous and vibrant.

But from September to May, the sparkling water can get a touch frigid.

So, unless you enjoy a chilly dip, try to avoid going after Labor Day.

But even in the winter months, a stroll along the beach is enjoyable and picturesque.

  1. Tobacco Bay Beach

A group of castaways found Tobacco Bay in the 17th century.

It is known for its pink crescent-shaped stretch and is one of the busiest beaches in Bermuda right now.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Tobacco Bay is your best bet if you’re looking for family-friendly beaches in Bermuda.

It’s even Bermuda’s safest beach for children, with calm waves and shallow, clear waters.

At the beach, families can do things like snorkeling, building sandcastles, and playing beach volleyball.

A Pro Tip

Visit the family-friendly eatery in Tobacco Bay to indulge in some wahoo nuggets and cool drinks.

Additionally, the restaurant’s happy hour promotions, live music, and bonfires make the evenings even livelier.

  1. The Cooper’s Island Natural Area

This 12-acre natural sanctuary, run by the Bermudan government, is brimming with entertainment for tourists of all kinds.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Cooper’s Island is home to more than just stunning beaches.

This natural preserve has an undeveloped, peaceful park with stunning views and a large network of hiking trails.

Even a pond that has been repaired and a boardwalk-equipped salt marsh are included.

A Pro Tip

Look for killifish and enormous land crabs as you explore the salt marsh area.

The marsh is also a haven for seabirds like kingfishers, egrets, and herons.

  1. Warwick Long Bay

This cove on Bermuda’s southern shore, which is known as the island’s longest beach, is ideal for people seeking solitude and peace.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

It’s a tranquil and lonely area at Warwick Long Bay.

This beach, which is uncrowded by crowds of tourists, is a great place to stop if you simply want to unwind and take it all in.

The beach’s pink sands and crystal-clear waves will also make you want to take a lot of pictures.

A Pro Tip

At Warwick Long Bay, there aren’t many beach amenities.

You should, therefore, arrive at this seaside attraction prepared.

There are summer concession stands where you can buy refreshments and rent beach equipment.

To guarantee a great and comfortable beach day, you must still take some water and other necessities.

  1. Elbow Beach

This lovely Paget Parish stretch, which is bordered by resorts, has nearly a mile of eye-catching pink sand.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Even though this beautiful spot is surrounded by beach resorts, there is no fee to get in.

This beach has plenty of chances for kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling in its tranquil, crystal-clear waters.

A Pro Tip

The facilities on this beach are available to anyone, even if you are not staying at one of the resorts.

There are a few rudimentary bathroom conveniences on the Elbow’s public side.

The restrooms of Mickey’s Bistro, a terrific spot to get drinks and snacks, are also available to you.

  1. Jobson’s Cove Beach

Jobson’s Cove, which is close to Warwick Long Bay Beach, draws families with its environment that resembles a swimming pool.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

This beach is a great option for families with young children because it is quiet and uncrowded.

For the little ones, this beach offers a covered, secure swimming area thanks to its sheltering volcanic rock or horseshoe.

The natural pool is Bermuda’s best swimming beach because the water is so pure and is home to schools of fish.

A Pro Tip

Swim to the back of the cove and use the rocky stairs to ascend the cliff.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking view of the south shore.

  1. The beach at Astwood Cove

This picture-perfect beach, which is in Warwick, is one of the area’s hidden jewels and excellent beaches.

Why We Suggest This Seaside

This quiet beach, which is surrounded by beautiful cliffs, amazes people with its picture-perfect scenery and romantic atmosphere.

Although getting there can be a little difficult, it is worth the work and effort for its beauty.

A Pro Tip

Particularly for the elderly and small children, the journey down to the beach can be rather challenging.

So while you travel to this beach, take additional care.

The park above the beach has restrooms, parking spots, and picnic tables, and it also has great views.

  1. Beach at Shelly Bay

This family-friendly Hamilton Parish beach is located on the serene north shore of the continent.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Looking for more Bermuda beaches that welcome families?

When you travel to Bermuda, do yourself a favor and check out Shelly Bay Beach.

The beach is a safe place for kids to swim and play because there are almost no waves, and the sand is white.

A Pro Tip

Take the youngsters to the nearby playground when they’ve had enough of swimming and creating sand scales.

Here, kids can run, climb, and swing at their leisure.

  1. Snorkel Park Beach

This beach is a favorite stop for cruise ship guests and is located in the northwest corner of the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

The beach has a very tacky atmosphere due to the availability of water activity rentals and the loud reggae music.

Even so, it’s a fantastic snorkeling location where you can see sunken cannons, old anchors, tropical fish with bright colors, anemones, and sea cucumbers.

A Pro Tip

Participate in any of the games like beach frisbee, horseshoes, or volleyball offered at Snorkel Park.

Rentable kayaks, jet skis, and paddle boats are also available.

  1. Stonehole Bay Beach

This little piece of paradise offers a tranquil refuge and is close to Horseshoe Bay and other premier beaches.

Why We Suggest This Seaside

This beach, which has a sandy beachfront dotted with large pebbles, is perfect for Instagram.

There are also a number of pathways that offer breathtaking views of the cliffs and the lake.

And to top it all off, the beach isn’t as hectic as the other beaches close by.

A Pro Tip

During high tide, the beach is essentially inaccessible.

Try to visit this beautiful beach in the morning or mid-afternoon to enjoy it.

  1. Long Beach Bay, Somerset

This Sandys Parish beach on Bermuda’s western coast is probably the best-kept secret on the island.

Why We Suggest This Seaside

A local favorite and hidden gem are Somerset Long. Both swimming and snorkeling are recommended due to the waters’ clarity and calmness.

Even though it doesn’t have any useful beach amenities, the nearby park has a playground for kids, bathrooms, and beautiful picnic areas.

A Pro Tip

Make sure to stock up on food, drinks, and beach essentials at Somerset Village’s grocery store before heading to the beach.

Remember that there is no food vendor on the beach.

  1. Church Bay Beach

Church Bay Park is home to this beach, which is a popular spot for snorkeling and has a lot of sea life.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

With its healthy coral reefs, calm waters, and aquarium-like scenery, this beach is a snorkeler’s dream.

You’ll come across a variety of adorable critters as you explore the area’s underwater ecosystem, such as parrotfish and angelfish.

A Pro Tip

When you visit this cove, don’t forget to bring your beach supplies as well as swimming and snorkeling equipment.

There are no facilities on this beach except for public restrooms.

  1. Daniel’s Head Beach Park

This lovely stretch, which covers 17 acres, is home to nine wonderful beaches and a park.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

During World War II, the Canadian Army used Daniel’s Head Beach Park as a base.

Today, it’s a bustling, enjoyable location with activities for guests of all ages.

The beach is well-known for its shallow reefs and consistently calm water, and it’s a fantastic place to go snorkeling with a variety of tropical species.

A Pro Tip

Visit X20 Adventurers Water Park if you’re traveling with kids in the summer. This floating water park has slides, bouncers, jumping pillows, and runways for endless splashy enjoyment.

  1. West Whale Beach

A popular seaside destination in Southampton Parish is West Whale Beach, especially for families.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Visitors may get a close-up view of the stunning coral reefs in the vicinity of West Whale Beach because of the low tide and shallow waters. Visitors will also have several opportunities to witness a variety of spectacular humpback whales in early spring or late winter.

A Pro Tip

There are only two amenities at West Whale Beach: picnic spots and restrooms.

Pack everything you’ll need, including food and chairs, for your beach vacation.

  1. St. Catherine’s Beach

This gorgeous and laid-back beach is located in St. George and is renowned for its fine white sand and calm waves.

Why We Suggest This Seaside

Want to add a little bit of history to your beach vacation?

Consider going to St. Catherine’s Beach.

In addition to having a magnificent beach, it also has the island’s biggest fort, which dates back to the 17th century.

A Pro Tip

Inside the fort, explore the many towers and passages.

Visit the museum as well to see displays and artifacts that illustrate Bermuda’s past.

  1. John Smith’s Bay

This waterfront location is a well-liked family resort on the southern coast and is situated close to the Devil’s Hole Aquarium.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

This bay is an unbeatable option for families thanks to its long, flat stretch of pink sand and the healthy reefs that surround it.

Even better, there are lifeguards on duty at the beach during the summer.

Additional public services include lunch trucks that offer drinks and ice cream.

A Pro Tip

Visit one of the many nearby attractions to liven up your beach vacation.

The Pink Beach Club and Spittal Pond Nature Reserve are a couple of our favorites.

  1. Chaplin Bay

This serene little beach, which is located near the well-known Horseshoe Bay Beach, is ideal for relaxing and reading a book.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

This beach, which is hidden between two cliffs on the coast, is a charming and relaxing place for tired travelers to rest.

Yes, getting there can be a little difficult, but I promise you won’t regret going to see this hidden treasure.

Did we also mention that it is very stunning?

A Pro Tip

When the tide is high, this beach area vanishes. So, I advise you to go there while the tide is low.

There aren’t any amenities either.

However, some pathways link Chaplin Bay to some of Bermuda’s best beaches, including Horseshoe Bay, which has a wide range of amenities.