Traeger Flatrock Review: A Griddle That Competes with Blackstone in Every Way


The world of outdoor cooking has experienced a surge in popularity, with the griddle becoming an essential tool for many enthusiasts. Two giants in the industry—the Traeger Flatrock and Blackstone—are battling for superiority among cooks and grillmasters. In this article, we review the Traeger Flatrock griddle to evaluate its ability to compete with Blackstone in every way.

Design & Build Quality

The Traeger Flatrock boasts a sleek, modern design constructed from high-quality materials. Its thick cold-rolled steel griddle surface ensures efficient heat distribution and excellent temperature control. The burners on the Flatrock are thoughtfully spaced across the cooking surface, ensuring consistent heat throughout.

With well-designed drainage channels and grease management systems, Traeger proves that convenience and cleanliness go hand-in-hand with their Flatrock griddle.

Performance & Cooking Experience

Cooking on the Traeger Flatrock is a breeze thanks to its impressive performance. The burners deliver consistent heat, allowing you to cook various dishes simultaneously at different temperatures without any difficulty. The multiple-zone heating system facilitates versatile cooking options, from searing steaks to frying eggs and everything in between.

In comparison to Blackstone’s common propane-powered models, the Traeger Flatrock’s pellet fuel system stands out by providing consistent heat output and imparting unique flavor profiles to food cooked on its surface.

Ease of Use & Maintenance

Traeger has made it simple for anyone—novice or expert—to use and maintain their Flatrock griddle. From its intuitive control panel that allows for precise temperature control to its durable construction, this griddle provides an enjoyable cooking experience. Cleaning is also a cinch thanks to the efficient grease management system that minimizes spills and messes.


The Traeger Flatrock indeed competes with Blackstone in numerous ways – in design, performance, versatility, and ease of use. For those who love outdoor cooking and are looking for a griddle that excels in both efficiency and aesthetics, the Traeger Flatrock is a strong contender. It may just be the perfect companion to elevate your culinary skills and help you create unforgettable outdoor feasts.