Verso Learning Launches New Student-Teacher Feedback Tools at FETC

The classroom collaboration platform will introduce Exit Tickets, along with other student feedback features, in two sessions at the conference

Orange County, CA) January 23, 2019Verso Learning, a leading provider of classroom feedback and collaboration tools, will be showing educators how they can supercharge student feedback in their classrooms, schools, and districts at this year’s upcoming FETC conference.

Designed to increase student engagement and collaboration, Verso enables students to receive feedback from peers and teachers, while providing educators visibility into authentic student voice. By enabling students to discuss classroom topics and share feedback anonymously, Verso encourages students to give other students feedback on their ideas and provides them access to new ideas to extend their thinking.

In its latest update, Verso has added a new feature designed to collect student-to-teacher feedback at the end of a lesson to enable formative assessment. Exit Tickets elicit student responses to pedagogically designed questions related to a lesson or activity and provide the teacher with immediate feedback on the extent to which their students have understood a learning intention, what strategies were most effective in the lesson, and even how the students felt about their learning. This allows teachers to more fully understand where their students are from a learning perspective, and then adjust their teaching accordingly.

An improved teacher dashboard provides visibility into the impact of their instructional practice at a class and student level, opening yet another avenue for personalized feedback that supports each student’s journey from surface to deep learning. Verso also enables teachers, coaches, and mentors to share insights and provide structured feedback for other teachers. Teachers build lessons using Verso’s pedagogically designed lesson builder, then use feedback from all of those sources to refine and improve their pedagogical approach and lesson designs.

“Professor John Hattie has identified feedback as having one of the greatest effects on student learning,” said Phil Stubbs, Verso’s director of education. “Verso is designed to deliver feedback not only from teacher to student but, critically, also from student to student and student to teacher. Exit Tickets, along with our improved impact dashboard and a focus on explicit learning intentions, create an environment where students and teachers are all constantly reflecting on their learning and focusing on improving.” 

At FETC, Mr. Stubbs will be presenting two sessions about how this cycle of feedback gives students ownership over their own learning:

Verso representatives will be on hand to help administrators and teachers see how their platform facilitates feedback among students, teachers, and administrators.

About Verso Learning
In 2015, a small team of edtech pioneers with a strong pedagogy and evidence focus set out to design a new suite of mobile web tools that would support visible change in schools. The result was Verso Learning. The company combines feedback and data with digital technologies to develop effective teaching strategies capable of transforming the relationship between teachers and students. The Verso Learning platform has been designed to collect evidence and data from the classroom to better target and personalize professional development. Today, Verso supports thousands of schools in more than 100 countries. To learn more about Verso and to sign up for a free trial, please visit or

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