My Vision for the Future of Adaptive Learning in Education

The field of education is changing, and adaptive learning is helping to transform the education landscape in exciting ways.

The metamorphosis from whole-class instruction to interactive learning is already underway. Educators who embrace edtech’s inclusion in instruction are making it possible for adaptive learning to become a mainstay in instruction.

I see a promising future for adaptive learning in education, and my vision includes:

  • Adaptive learning as the cornerstone of education,
  • Real-time learning, and
  • Personalized education experiences.

Adaptive learning

According to NoodleMarkets, adaptive learning currently comprises $41 million of the annual $3 billion edtech market. The largest districts in the country are some of the biggest consumers of edtech and especially of adaptive learning, likely due to their purchasing power.

These district giants are paving the way for adaptive learning to become a mainstay in education – for all districts and for all the students they serve.

In the future, even smaller districts will rely on adaptive learning because it will prove itself agile and responsive to student need, and its pervasiveness will drive down prohibitive costs.

Real-time learning

The future of adaptive learning in education allows for learning what you need when you need it. This real time instruction will not rely exclusively on teacher and classroom availability, but it will become a foundational piece of classroom instruction.

Whether needing clarification or wanting to move ahead in their learning, students become easily frustrated when they have to wait on their teachers for an explanation. Real-time learning will engage students wherever they are and allow them to progress at an individual pace.

Personalized education experiences

My vision for the future of adaptive learning in education includes personalized education experiences, and adaptive learning is the way we will create meaningful experiences for students of all ages.

The transformation has already begun. Companies like Scootpad provide personalized learning for K-5 students, and Knewton is doing the same thing for university students.

Whether in their foundational years or part of higher ed, learners can customize their educational experiences and access the learning they need according to customized educational plans.

It may sound like adaptive learning will take the place of teachers, but that will not happen. Teachers will be valuable

Teachers in the schools of the future will become experts in adaptive learning as they guide, mentor, and inspire students in their programs of study.

Ultimately, adaptive learning will be the standard in education, not the standout.

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