What Classroom Jobs Do You Think Will Work Best in the Classroom, and Why?

A reader from Seattle, Washington recently wrote in with the following question: What classroom jobs do you think will work best in the classroom, and why? I consider this to be a really good question, especially when you think about the ramifications of classroom jobs on classroom management and discipline. Instead of replying directly to her email, I informed her that I would be answering it in an upcoming post. Since I am true to my word, that is exactly what I am going to do.

When it comes to classroom jobs, there are so many to choose from. I will just name and talk about a few. My students loved the idea of being the line leader, as it gave them a sense of importance and relevance. It helped me keep students in check behaviorally and academically, as they wanted to make sure they got their chance to be the line leader every five or so weeks.

Another student and teacher favorite would be classroom helper. Students love the idea of being second in command, and getting a chance to pass out papers, collect papers, sweep the room, run errands, etc. On the flip side, teachers can always use an extra hand, and a good classroom helper is worth their weight in gold.

Last but not least, the group leader. When I put students in cooperative learning groups, I would choose roles for each group member. This is because I wanted to keep the students honest and ensure that they had a chance to see what it was like to fill various group roles. The most coveted position was always as a group leader, as it made students feel like they were in charge. It also made them feel like they were an extension of the teacher.

I think that this was a good question to ask, as we usually think of classroom jobs as an afterthought, not as a vital part of the educational process. I always used classroom jobs to help students gain valuable skills in leadership and management. I think it worked, and I hope that my former students are better for it.

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