What is Guided Reading?

Guided reading is a teaching approach that is commonly used in classrooms to support students’ reading comprehension skills. It involves a small group of students working together with a teacher to read and discuss a text at their instructional level. The purpose of guided reading is to provide targeted instruction and support to promote students’ reading development.

During guided reading sessions, students are grouped based on their reading abilities and provided with leveled texts that are appropriate for their instructional level. The teacher supports students in decoding challenging words, developing vocabulary, and understanding the meaning of the text. This is done through strategies such as asking questions, making predictions, summarizing, and making connections to prior knowledge.

Guided reading sessions typically follow a consistent structure. The teacher first introduces the text and previews it with the students, discussing any challenging vocabulary or concepts. The students then read the text independently or in pairs, while the teacher observes and provides support as needed. After reading, the teacher leads a discussion to check comprehension and deepen understanding of the text. This can involve asking questions, encouraging students to make predictions or connections, and discussing the main ideas or themes of the text.

The benefits of guided reading are numerous. It allows teachers to tailor instruction to students’ individual needs and provide targeted support for their reading development. By working in small groups, students have the opportunity to actively engage with the text and participate in meaningful discussions, which promotes comprehension and critical thinking skills. Guided reading also helps to build students’ confidence and independence as readers.

In conclusion, guided reading is a valuable instructional approach that supports students’ reading comprehension skills. By providing targeted instruction and support in small groups, teachers can help students develop the necessary skills and strategies to become proficient readers.