What Should I Use a Smart Plug for? 10 Unexpected Ideas


Smart plugs have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer a means to transform ordinary household appliances into convenient, efficient, and controllable smart devices. For those who are unaware of its potential uses, we have compiled a list of 10 unexpected ideas for using a smart plug in your daily life.

1. Scheduling Your Coffee Maker:

With a smart plug, you can set your coffee maker to start brewing your morning cup before you even get out of bed. Simply connect your coffee maker to the smart plug and schedule it to turn on automatically at the desired time.

2. Baby Bottle Warmer Timer:

A smart plug can ensure that your baby’s bottle is ready when feeding time arrives. Set the timer to coordinate with the baby’s feeding schedule, ensuring the bottle is warmed to the desired temperature when it’s time to be fed.

3. Powering Off Electronics as Your Kids’ Screen Time Ends:

Encourage healthier habits by helping regulate your children’s screen time by using a smart plug attached to their gaming consoles or TVs. Schedule the power off time to match their allowed limits and enforce bedtime without arguments.

4. Preventing Overcharging of Mobile Devices:

Use a smart plug as an energy-saving measure by limiting the amount of time your mobile devices are charging overnight. Set it to turn off after 2-3 hours, ensuring optimal charging without overcharging and wasting energy.

5. Controlling Outdoor Lighting:

Automate your outdoor lights for security and convenience by connecting them to a smart plug

with scheduled on/off times, such as sunset and sunrise.

6. Remote Control for Air Conditioning and Heating Units:

Stay comfortable without getting up by controlling your room’s air conditioners or portable heaters through a smart plug using a smartphone application.

7. Ensuring Proper Slow Cooker Timing:

A properly timed slow cooker recipe prevents under or overcooking your food. Schedule it with a smart plug to guarantee perfect results every time.

8. Energy Conservation with Smart During Non-Peak Hour:

Scheduler appliance usage, such as washing machines and dishwashers during non-peak hours to save on energy bills connecting appliances to a smart plug and setting scheduled times.

9. Effortless Christmas Lights Control:

Easily manage your Christmas lights using a smart plug; schedule them to turn on in the evening and off at bedtime, creating hassle-free lighting for the holiday season.

10. Simulating Presence When You Are Away:

If you are away for a vacation or business trip, deter potential burglaries by creating an appearance of occupancy: set lamps or other devices connected to smart plugs on a schedule that mimics your daily routine.


These unexpected ideas highlight the versatility and practicality of a smart plug. Embrace the many possibilities it has to offer to enhance your home’s efficiency, security, and convenience.