10 Idioms to Teach Kids and Use in Idiom of the Day Lessons

Idioms are a fun and creative way to engage children in language learning. Not only do they enhance vocabulary, but they also provide a deeper understanding of the English language. Here are 10 idioms that are perfect for teaching kids and can be used in your daily idiom lessons:

  1. “The early bird catches the worm”: This idiom teaches children the importance of being proactive and taking action early to achieve success.
  2. “A piece of cake”: Use this idiom to explain that something is very easy or simple. Kids will grasp the concept and enjoy using it in everyday conversations.
  3. “Break a leg”: Though it may sound strange, this idiom is actually used to wish someone good luck. Teach kids when and how to use it appropriately.
  4. “Two peas in a pod”: This idiom illustrates the strong bond between two people who are very similar and often do things together. Kids will find it relatable and easy to remember.
  5. “Bite the bullet”: Help children understand the meaning of facing a difficult situation with courage and determination through this idiom.
  6. “Hold your horses”: This idiom encourages kids to be patient and wait calmly. Use it when teaching them about the importance of self-control.
  7. “Raining cats and dogs”: Introduce children to this amusing idiom to describe heavy rain. It will add a touch of playfulness to their understanding of weather expressions.
  8. “Let the cat out of the bag”: This idiom teaches kids about the consequences of revealing a secret or unintentionally disclosing important information.
  9. “Actions speak louder than words”: Through this idiom, emphasize the importance of actions over mere words. Teach kids the significance of backing up their promises with actions.
  10. “A penny for your thoughts”: This idiom is a great way to encourage children to share their ideas and opinions. It shows that their thoughts are valuable and worth hearing.

By incorporating these idioms into your teaching materials and daily activities, you will not only make language learning enjoyable but also foster a deeper understanding of the English language among kids. So go ahead and have fun teaching these idioms to your young learners!