16 Distance Learning Art Projects That Only Require Basic Supplies

  1. Paper Collage: Create vibrant and textured collages using various types of paper, scissors, glue, and markers.
  2. Nature Prints: Explore the outdoors and make beautiful prints using leaves, flowers, and other found objects. Press them onto paper with paint or ink.
  3. Saltwatercolor Painting: Mix table salt with watercolors to create unique textures and patterns in your paintings.
  4. Paper Sculptures: Use construction paper to create three-dimensional sculptures. Cut, fold, and glue paper to bring your ideas to life.
  5. Dot Painting: Dip the end of a paintbrush or a cotton swab into the paint and create intricate dot patterns on paper or canvas.
  6. Pencil Shading: Practice shading techniques using different grades of pencils to add depth and realism to your drawings.
  7. Cardboard Mosaic: Cut small pieces of colored cardboard and arrange them to form a mosaic picture or pattern.
  8. Oil Pastel Resist: Draw colorful designs with oil pastels on paper, then paint over them with watercolors for a resist effect.
  9. Found Object Sculptures: Collect and assemble found objects like bottle caps, buttons, and wires to create unique sculptures.
  10. Still Life Drawing: Arrange objects from your surroundings and draw a detailed composition using pencils, charcoal, or markers.
  11. Watercolor Resist: Draw with white crayons or oil pastels on watercolor paper, then paint over them with watercolors for a resist effect.
  12. Bubble Wrap Prints: Dip bubble wrap into acrylic paint and press it onto paper or fabric to create interesting textures.
  13. Paper Marbling: Use shaving cream, food coloring, and a toothpick to create beautiful marbled patterns on paper.
  14. String Art: Hammer nails into a wooden board and wrap colored thread or string around them to create geometric or abstract designs.
  15. Quilling: Roll thin strips of colored paper into coils and shapes, then arrange them to create intricate designs.
  16. Foil Embossing: Use aluminum foil, a dull pencil, and a soft surface to create raised designs on paper.

These fun and creative art projects can be easily done at home with basic art supplies. Whether you’re distance learning or simply looking for a new hobby, give these projects a try and let your creativity shine!