10 Reasons to Attend Bacone College

1. Historic Legacy: Bacone College is rich in history and has a unique cultural heritage. Founded in 1880, it is one of the oldest Native American colleges, providing students with an educational experience deeply rooted in Native American culture and traditions.

2. Personalized Education: With small class sizes and a low student-to-faculty ratio, Bacone College offers personalized attention and strong mentorship opportunities. Faculty members are dedicated to helping students succeed academically and personally.

3. Culturally Rich Campus: Bacone College celebrates and embraces the diversity of its student body, fostering an inclusive and culturally rich campus environment. Students have the opportunity to engage in various cultural events, activities, and clubs, gaining a broader perspective and appreciation for different cultures.

4. Nationally Recognized Programs: Bacone College offers nationally recognized programs in areas such as Native American studies, business, criminal justice, education, and social work. The college is committed to providing excellent education in these fields, preparing students for successful careers.

5. Scholarships and Financial Aid: Bacone College provides several scholarships and financial aid options to help make education accessible and affordable for students. This commitment to affordability ensures that students can focus on their education without excessive financial worry.

6. Spiritual Growth: As a college deeply rooted in Christian values, Bacone College provides opportunities for spiritual growth and development. Students are encouraged to explore their faith, engage in meaningful discussions, and participate in campus ministries.

7. Active Athletics: Bacone College offers a range of men’s and women’s athletic programs, providing students with opportunities to participate in intercollegiate sports. Athletics not only promote physical fitness but also foster teamwork, discipline, and leadership skills.

8. Career Services: Bacone College offers comprehensive career services, including career counseling, resume building, and job placement assistance. The college is dedicated to helping students transition smoothly from academia to their desired professional fields.

9. Service Learning: Bacone College places a strong emphasis on community engagement and service learning. Students have opportunities to participate in community service projects, internships, and experiential learning experiences, helping them develop a sense of civic responsibility and social awareness.

10. Alumni Network: Bacone College has a strong alumni network, offering students valuable connections and networking opportunities. Graduates often stay connected and actively support current students, providing mentorship and assistance in their career paths.