10 reasons to attend Brigham Young University Hawaii (byuh.edu):

1. Beautiful Location: BYUH is located in Laie, Hawaii, close to pristine beaches and scenic landscapes, providing students with a breathtaking environment to study and explore.

2. Diverse and Inclusive Community: The university attracts students from over 70 countries, fostering a diverse and inclusive community where students can learn from different cultures and perspectives.

3. Global Learning Opportunities: BYUH offers various study abroad programs, internships, and service opportunities that allow students to gain hands-on experience and develop a global mindset.

4. Quality Education: With a focus on teaching excellence, BYUH offers a wide range of majors and programs that provide students with a high-quality education and prepare them for successful careers.

5. Small Class Sizes and Personalized Attention: The university maintains small class sizes, ensuring that students receive individual attention from professors who are dedicated to their academic success.

6. Strong Religious Foundation: As a university sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), BYUH promotes spiritual growth and moral development, creating an environment that cultivates faith and values.

7. Leadership Opportunities: BYUH offers numerous leadership positions both on campus and in student organizations, empowering students to develop their leadership skills and make a positive impact on campus.

8. Supportive Campus Community: The university fosters a close-knit and supportive campus community where students can form lifelong friendships and receive support throughout their academic journey.

9. Professional Development Resources: BYUH provides students with career counseling, networking opportunities, and internships to help them build a strong foundation for their future careers.

10. Legacy of Service: BYUH upholds a strong tradition of service and encourages students to engage in community service initiatives locally and internationally, instilling a sense of responsibility and compassion.

These are just some of the compelling reasons why attending Brigham Young University Hawaii could be a transformative and enriching experience for any student.