10 Reasons to Attend Community College of Beaver County (CCBC)

1. Quality Education: CCBC offers a wide range of high-quality academic programs taught by experienced faculty who are dedicated to student success.

2. Affordable Tuition: The college prides itself on providing affordable tuition rates, making higher education accessible to students from all backgrounds.

3. Transfer Opportunities: CCBC has transfer agreements with many four-year colleges and universities, allowing students to seamlessly continue their education at a more advanced level.

4. Small Class Sizes: With small class sizes, students at CCBC enjoy personalized attention from professors, fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment.

5. State-of-the-Art Facilities: CCBC’s campus features modern facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing students with the resources they need to excel academically.

6. Support Services: The college offers comprehensive support services, including academic advising, tutoring, and counseling, to ensure that students have the necessary support to succeed.

7. Career Development: CCBC provides career development resources, such as workshops, job fairs, and internships, to help students prepare for their future careers.

8. Vibrant Campus Life: The college offers a variety of clubs, organizations, and events that encourage student involvement and foster a sense of community.

9. Location: CCBC is located in a charming community with access to scenic outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and employment opportunities, enriching the overall college experience.

10. Transferable Credits: CCBC’s courses are designed to seamlessly transfer to four-year institutions, allowing students to save money on their bachelor’s degree while enjoying the benefits of a community college education.