10 Reasons to Attend Oklahoma City (2-year campus):

   a. Convenient location: The Oklahoma City campus is centrally located, providing easy access to various amenities, job opportunities, and cultural events.

   b. Diverse program offerings: The campus offers a wide range of programs, catering to different interests and career goals of the students.

   c. Supportive faculty: The dedicated faculty at the Oklahoma City campus are committed to the success of their students, providing guidance and support throughout their academic journey.

   d. Flexible class schedules: The campus offers flexible class schedules, allowing students to balance their education with work, family, or other commitments.

   e. Affordable tuition: Oklahoma City campus provides affordable tuition rates, making quality education accessible to a diverse student body.

   f. Transfer opportunities: The campus has partnerships with four-year institutions, easing the transfer process for students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

   g. Student resources: The campus provides a range of student resources, including counseling, tutoring, and career services, to support students’ holistic development.

   h. Engaging student life: Students can participate in various clubs, organizations, and campus events, fostering a vibrant and engaging campus life.

   i. Industry connections: The Oklahoma City campus has strong ties with local industries, providing students access to internships, networking events, and job opportunities.

   j. Collaborative learning environment: The campus promotes a collaborative learning environment, encouraging students to work together and learn from each other’s experiences.