10 Reasons to Attend Umpqua Community College:

1. Quality Education: Umpqua Community College offers high-quality education with experienced faculty and a focus on student success.

2. Affordable Tuition: The college provides affordable tuition rates, allowing students to pursue their educational goals without excessive financial burden.

3. Transfer Opportunities: UCC has strong transfer agreements with a variety of four-year institutions, providing a seamless pathway to a bachelor’s degree.

4. Career and Technical Programs: The college offers a wide range of career and technical programs, preparing students for in-demand jobs in various industries.

5. Supportive Community: UCC fosters a supportive and inclusive community, promoting collaboration and providing resources for student success.

6. Small Class Sizes: With small class sizes, students have greater access to faculty and personalized attention, enhancing the learning experience.

7. Modern Facilities: UCC features state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped labs and classrooms, creating an optimal learning environment.

8. Campus Activities: The college hosts a variety of campus activities, clubs, and events, providing opportunities for students to engage and connect with peers.

9. Financial Aid and Scholarships: UCC offers a range of financial aid options and scholarships to assist students in financing their education.10. Natural Beauty: Nestled in the beautiful Umpqua Valley, UCC provides stunning surroundings, offering students access to outdoor recreational opportunities.