10 Virtual Volunteer Jobs Teens Can Do During National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate the power of volunteerism in our communities. With the need for social distancing, volunteering may seem impossible; however, virtual volunteer opportunities are on the rise. This list highlights ten virtual volunteer jobs that teens can do during National Volunteer Week.

1. Tutoring younger students: Many students are struggling with remote learning, so offer your help as an online tutor in subjects you excel at.

2. Fundraising and awareness: Support your favorite non-profit organization by creating online campaigns to raise funds and increase awareness.

3. Graphic design: If you have a talent for graphic design, offer your skills to charities needing promotional materials or infographics.

4. Social media management: Help organizations improve their social media presence by creating content and engaging with followers.

5. Transcribing and translating: Transcribe historical documents or interviews for museums and archives or translate materials for non-English speaking audiences.

6. Writing articles and blog posts: Share your passion for a cause by writing articles or guest blog posts for nonprofits in need of content.

7. Coding projects: Put your programming skills to good use by helping nonprofits develop their websites, apps, or software.

8. Remote support for seniors: Assist homebound seniors by providing companionship through phone calls or video chats, teaching them digital skills, or helping them navigate online resources.

9. Environmental action: Participate in digital platforms that collect data on the environment, like citizen science initiatives tracking climate change or identifying wildlife in photos.

10. Virtual mentorship: Join online mentorship programs to provide guidance and support to younger kids who may be feeling isolated during this time.

In conclusion, while traditional volunteer work may be a challenge during these times, virtual opportunities are abundant. Embrace digital volunteerism during National Volunteer Week and make an impact from the comfort of your own home.