11 Things I Forgot As a Teacher Over Winter Break

1. My Daily Routine: The structured schedule that I had grown accustomed to throughout the fall seemed like a distant memory. With days filled with holiday cheer and relaxation, it was easy to forget the routine of waking up early, attending meetings, and planning lessons.

2. The Importance of Being Prepared: Over the break, I enjoyed having opportunities to be spontaneous and carefree. However, returning to school reminded me of the crucial balance between being flexible and having a well-laid plan for the day.

3. Classroom Management Techniques: Spending time away from my classroom made me realize how important certain management strategies are in maintaining productive learning environments. It was necessary to reintroduce these techniques to ensure smooth sailing in the new term.

4. Grading Assignments: During winter break, the pile of papers waiting to be graded was blissfully out of sight and out of mind. Returning to school brought them back into focus, reminding me that one can only procrastinate for so long!

5. Encouraging Student Engagement: While enjoying time off, it was easy for me to forget that it takes considerable effort on my part to inspire students’ excitement for learning and active participation in class discussions.

6. Logging Attendance: What felt like second nature earlier in the year required extra attention on my first day back as I found myself meticulously checking off attendance rosters.

7. Juggling Parent-Teacher Communication: Gently reestablishing open lines of communication with my students’ parents helped ensure we were aligned in our approach toward their education post-winter break.

8. Balancing Differentiation: After weeks of holiday indulgence, reacquainting myself with differentiating assignment levels and instructional approaches became another essential consideration upon returning to school.

9. Setting Priorities: Winter break allowed time for reflection on what had gone well and offered an opportunity to fine-tune our approach moving forward. Establishing new goals and priorities became crucial in enhancing the overall learning experience for my students.

10. Handling In-class Disruptions: The holidays were a great respite from distractions and interruptions that can arise during the school day. However, getting back to reality required preparing for any in-class disruptions that would inevitably come our way.

11. Making Time for Self-Care: Winter break was a much-needed opportunity to recharge and prioritize personal well-being. It served as a reminder that prioritizing self-care during regular school weeks is equally important to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

In conclusion, although winter break provided an essential opportunity to rest and regroup, it left room for many forgetful moments as a teacher. To avoid being blindsided upon returning to school, it’s important to reflect on these 11 factors and create an action plan for re-acclimating to the classroom setting smoothly.