12 Amazing Alphabet Videos To Help Kids Learn Their ABCs

  1. “The Alphabet Song” by Super Simple Songs: This classic song is a perfect introduction to the alphabet. With catchy music and easy-to-follow lyrics, kids will enjoy learning their ABCs.
  2. “ABC Mouse Alphabet Songs” by ABCmouse.com: ABC Mouse offers a collection of animated videos that teach each letter of the alphabet. The songs are engaging and provide a multisensory learning experience.
  3. “Phonics Song 2” by KidsTV123: This song focuses on phonics and helps children recognize the sounds associated with each letter. It’s a fun and educational way to learn the alphabet.
  4. “Alphablocks” by CBeebies: Alphablocks is an animated TV series that introduces children to the alphabet. Each episode features letters coming together to form words and teach phonics.
  5. “ABC Train” by Little Baby Bum: This colorful video takes kids on a journey through the alphabet using a train theme. It combines music, visuals, and repetition to reinforce letter recognition.
  6. “Learn The Alphabet With Blippi” by Blippi: Blippi, a popular YouTube children’s entertainer, uses colorful visuals and energetic songs to make learning the alphabet exciting and fun.
  7. “ABC Yoga” by Bari Koral: This video combines yoga poses with the alphabet, making learning physical and interactive. Kids can follow along, learn new letters, and get some exercise.
  8. “Sesame Street: Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge” by Sesame Street: With beloved characters like Elmo and Abby Cadabby, this video engages kids in a game show-style challenge to learn the alphabet.
  1. “Letter Factory” by LeapFrog: In this video, LeapFrog characters introduce each letter with catchy songs and memorable visuals. It teaches letter recognition, letter sounds, and more.
  2. “Learn The Alphabet With Play-Doh” by Play-Doh: Play-Doh shapes come to life in this video as kids learn the alphabet through hands-on play. It encourages creativity and letter formation skills.
  3. “ABC Dance” by Pancake Manor: This upbeat song and dance video helps kids memorize the alphabet and improve motor skills. It’s a fun way to learn and get moving.
  4. “Rock ‘N Learn Alphabet Exercise” by Rock ‘N Learn: Combining physical activity and learning, this video encourages alphabet recognition through dance and exercise routines.

These 12 amazing alphabet videos provide a variety of engaging and educational ways to help kids learn their ABCs. Whether through songs, animations, yoga, or play, each video offers a unique approach to making learning the alphabet fun and enjoyable for young learners.