12 Best Classroom Timers For Teachers and Students


In today’s dynamic educational environment, teachers are constantly searching for ways to make their classroom experience engaging and efficient. One essential tool that can greatly help with this is a classroom timer. These simple devices allow students to manage their time effectively and keep track of deadlines while also providing teachers with an unobtrusive tool for maintaining a structured class. In this article, we will explore 12 of the best classroom timers for both teachers and students.

1. Time Timer Original

The Time Timer Original is a visual timer designed to help students understand the passage of time with ease. Featuring a large, easy-to-read display, the Time Timer is perfect for group activities or individual work.

2. Teacher Created Resources Small Sand Timers

These durable sand timers are perfect for timing activities in the classroom, as well as monitoring breaks or transitions between tasks. With various time durations available (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes), they are suitable for multiple teaching situations.

3. Mixed Time Bingo Game

This interactive game allows students to practice telling time while also accommodating a variety of learning styles. The Mixed Time Bingo Game features analog clocks, worded times, and digital times to help learners grasp concepts faster.

4. Daydream Education Student Timer

This versatile timer can be used in multiple ways, from individual assignments or group projects to classroom games. With its intuitive design, users can easily set the desired length and volume for their alarms.

5. TimeCube Plus

This innovative cube-shaped timer is specifically designed for easy use in classrooms and meetings. Users simply rotate the cube so that the desired duration is at the top, and the timer starts counting down immediately.

6. Boysenberry Learning Resources Magnetic Digital Timer

Ideal for group settings or desks, this magnetic digital timer can easily attach to whiteboards or metallic surfaces while providing accurate countdowns on its clear display.

7. TickiT MegaSand Timer

This oversized sand timer is an excellent visual aid for helping students grasp the concept of time. With a 3-minute duration, it’s perfect for timed activities or short breaks.

8. Timestack

Timestack is a compact and versatile timer designed to support any task or environment. With customizable time intervals, vibrating alerts, and a magnetic backing, Timestack can manage time efficiently while keeping you focused on your work.

9. Miracle TimeCube Preset Timer

The Miracle TimeCube allows for easy switching between preset times ranging from 1 minute to 60 minutes by simply turning it to the desired time side. It’s perfect for all types of classroom activities as well as ensuring smooth transitions during lessons.

10. Datexx The Miracle Cube II

An upgrade to the time-tested Miracle Cube, this digital version features a large LED display and customizable backlight brightness allowing students to easily read the countdown from a distance.

11. Bloomgio Classroom Countdown Timer

This elegant ring-shaped timer doubles up as an interactive tool that can be used for group activities in addition to timing classroom tasks. Equipped with a rotating dial, students can easily adjust the desired timing.

12. Zewik Timer Disc

Featuring adjustable countdowns and alarm options, the Zewik Timer Disc is a user-friendly digital timer that promises precision and ease-of-use. Its sleek design and vibrant LED display make this an excellent choice for both teachers and students alike.


Choosing the right classroom timer is essential in creating an engaging learning environment that helps students manage their time efficiently and stay focused on tasks at hand. Keep in mind the specific needs of your classroom and select the timer that best complements your teaching style and your students’ learning abilities.