12 Fun Things to Do in El Paso with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

El Paso, also known as The Sun City, is the sixth-largest city in Texas and the county headquarters of El Paso County.

The city experiences roughly 302 days of the sunshine year, giving rise to its well-known moniker.

The Plaza Theatre is one of many places in El Paso that are included on the National Register of Historic Places.

El Paso’s plethora of theaters, festivals, and museums emphasize the city’s rich history and culture, one of the main factors in its appeal as a family holiday spot.

Look over this list of enjoyable activities for families in El Paso to help determine whether your next vacation should include a stop in Sun City.

  1. Scenic Drive – Overlook

The Scenic Drive – Overlook, a 2-mile drive with an enormous perspective of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, is renowned for its breathtaking city vista.

It is a location where onlookers pause to take pictures to remember their trip to the city.

Why Your Family Should Go

Drive through and spend a few minutes standing on the rock overlooking area to take in the city’s breathtaking perspective if you want a better view of El Paso.

Scenic Drive – Overlook is one of El Paso’s most popular locations right now for social media addicts!

What to Do with Kids

The kids will appreciate standing on some rocks and taking in the entire city.

Recommended Ages

Everyone who drives along this well-known road has access to the Scenic Drive – Overlook.

Just be sure to watch your children at all times while taking in the scenery.

  1. Franklin Mountains State Park

The Franklin Mountains State Park, one of the biggest urban parks in the country, opened its doors to tourists in 1987.

Tourists and residents frequent the park atop 24,247 acres of land to engage in outdoor leisure pursuits, including camping, biking, and hiking.

Why Your Family Should Go

Franklin Mountains State Park might be a terrific place to go camping this weekend if you’re in the mood.

Various groups have four different campgrounds.

One of the best cheap family activities in El Paso is camping at this infamous park.

What to Do with Kids

One of the most thrilling free, family-friendly activities at the Franklin Mountains State Park is geocaching.

The children will have fun participating in this treasure-hunting-style activity, which involves looking for geocaches, signing a log, and hiding it for the next person to find.

Recommended Ages

Every age group is welcome at the Franklin Mountains State Park.

To ensure that your children have a happy and safe time at the park, keep them close by.

  1. Hueco Tanks State Historic Site

For the past 10,000 years, travelers in the Chihuahuan Desert have had access to temporary housing and water at the Hueco Tanks State Historic Site.

Nowadays, tourists travel there to participate in outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, and more.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Hueco Tanks State Historic Site is the place to go if you want to experience outdoor rock climbing rather than just climbing rocks fixed to walls.

You can reach this historic location by participating in a self-guided or guided climb.

What to Do with Kids

Many camping sites are available for your family to use at the Hueco Tanks State Historic Site.

Camping is a beautiful way to introduce your children to nature, making it one of the most fantastic activities in El Paso for toddlers.

Recommended Ages

For visitors and residents, staying a night or two at the Hueco Tanks State Historic Site is impressive.

  1. Plaza Theatre

The Plaza Theatre, built in 1930, was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 4, 1987.

With a capacity of 2,050 seats in the Kendall Kidd Performance Hall and 200 seats in the Philanthropy Theatre, the venue includes two parts.

Why Your Family Should Go

Check out the Plaza Theatre’s upcoming performances if you feel like seeing anything live while you’re in El Paso.

Aside from the performance, you’ll be in awe of the venue’s exquisite design.

What to Do with Kids

The kids will have a blast seeing top-notch performances at the Plaza Theatre, and the show there will undoubtedly keep them occupied.

One of the best family activities in El Paso is, without a doubt taking the kids to see a fantastic show at the Plaza Theatre.

Recommended Ages

The facility itself has no age restrictions for entry.

However, the scheduled show’s age suitability will determine whether or not tickets are available for the performance.

Children 2 and older require a ticket to enter.

  1. El Paso Museum of Art

The El Paso Museum of Art opened in 1959 and is a well-liked attraction that receives about 100,000 visitors yearly.

A total of 57 pieces of European art made by various gifted artists are displayed in the museum.

Why Your Family Should Go

Are works of art from various eras something you enjoy?

At the El Paso Museum of Art, you can spend many hours admiring magnificent works produced between the 12th and 18th centuries.

Along with European art, the exhibit includes works by modern Southwestern and Mexican artists focusing on Texas, New Mexico, and the border region.

What to Do with Kids

If you wish to encourage your children’s creativity, one of the most frequently suggested places to take them in El Paso is the El Paso Museum of Art.

The museum provides a variety of courses and classes in the art that kids will love.

Recommended Ages

Both children and adults are welcome to see the magnificent works of art displayed at the El Paso Museum of Art.

  1. El Paso Zoo

The El Paso Zoo began as a roadside attraction and reptile house before being made public in 1940.

Over 200 species, including endangered ones like the Aruba rattlesnake, are currently housed there.

Why Your Family Should Go

Even for adults, visiting the city zoo is a great experience. You may witness creatures from North America, South America, Asia, and Africa at the El Paso Zoo.

In addition, you may cool yourself at the Hunt Family Desert Spring and enjoy splashing around in the zoo’s water feature.

Strollers are provided if you happen to be coming with a young child to make the experience more pleasant.

What to Do with Kids

Join the kids on the African Star Train for a more entertaining way to view the animals at the El Paso Zoo.

The train will transport you around the facility’s Africa portion, where you may see different creatures, including giraffes and zebras, two of the best kid-friendly attractions.

Recommended Ages

The El Paso Zoo is open to all who want to see the animals.

  1. Ascarate Park & Lake

The Ascarate Park & Water, with its 400 acres of land and 48 acres of surface lake, is a well-liked getaway spot for locals and residents.

Sports, canoeing, picnics, and other leisure activities are permitted in the park.

Why Your Family Should Go

Take the entire family to Ascarate Park & Lake if you live in or around El Paso and are seeking things to do with kids nearby.

You can bring food to the park and have a great picnic by the lake.

What to Do with Kids

The children can amuse themselves on the playground in Ascarate Park & Lake while the adults converse over lunch.

But be sure to watch them, so they don’t leave the region by keeping an eye on them.

Recommended Ages

Everyone is welcome to unwind at Ascarate Park & Lake.

  1. San Jacinto Plaza

The San Jacinto Plaza, regarded as the center of downtown El Paso, continues to be the gathering place for loved ones to get together for a nice dinner and conversation.

Why Your Family Should Go

Visit the San Jacinto Plaza in El Paso if you wish to unwind with your family. There, you may simply relax and unwind.

Enjoy a delicious Mexican meal and the relaxed atmosphere at Zona Centro Mexican Eatery.

What to Do with Kids

Remember to include additional children’s clothing!

As they tread on the floor activation buttons, they will be amused by the splash pads in San Jacinto Plaza.

The mystery surrounding the following location from which the water will emerge increases the attraction’s thrill.

Spending time at the splash pads is one of the best things to do with kids in El Paso, Texas.

Recommended Ages

Both visitors and residents of all ages are welcome at the San Jacinto.

  1. American Eagle Paintball

The American Eagle Paintball, the largest paintball facility in El Paso, opened its doors in 2008.

There are five different fields available for use in the games.

Why Your Family Should Go

Visit American Eagle Paintball and spend a few hours playing an action-packed paintball game if you’re searching for something entertaining for youth, children, and adults.

Everyone will never forget the rush of acting as though they are on a battlefield.

What to Do with Kids

Kids will have a fun time playing paintball.

A round or two of it is a terrific method to help them become more focused while also having fun!

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome at the American Eagle Paintball to enjoy themselves.

  1. El Paso Museum of Archaeology

The El Paso Museum of Archaeology, which opened in 1977, emphasizes El Paso’s prehistoric past.

Various exhibits display artifacts like stones, ornaments, and more.

Why Your Family Should Go

Visit the El Paso Museum of Archaeology if you enjoy learning about the history of each city you travel to.

The museum displays the city’s early history and intriguing information and artifacts that will enlighten you about its past.

What to Do with Kids

The El Paso Museum of Archaeology features a walk showcasing 250 plants from the Chihuahuan Desert and exhibits about El Paso’s history, which the younger visitors will find interesting.

Recommended Ages

Anyone interested in learning more about El Paso’s past is welcome to visit the El Paso Museum of Archaeology.

  1. Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone has been a popular destination for thrilling family outings in El Paso since it opened its doors in 2002.

The recreation complex has four distinct zones for its attractions, including Splash Zone, Speed Zone, Game Zone, and Golf Zone.

Why Your Family Should Go

Are you seeking a location where you and your family may have a good time?

The Adventure Zone is the ideal location to accomplish that goal and more!

You can engage in various activities inside the entertainment complex, including golfing, go-karting, and arcade games.

Absolutely everyone who comes here will find something to enjoy.

What to Do with Kids

The bumper boats are among the most popular activities in the Adventure Zone.

The kids will undoubtedly love banging and splashing around in this area.

They can also utilize the squirting guns mounted on the boats if the splash from the pool is insufficient.

Recommended Ages

All guests are welcome at the Adventure Zone. However, some rides, like the bumper boat, have height and age restrictions.

To drive and ride, kids must be at least 44″ and 40″, respectively.

  1. Cattleman’s Steakhouse

The Cattleman’s Steakhouse, a multi-award-winning eatery that tourists and locals frequent, has served customers the most fabulous steak in El Paso since 1973.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Cattleman’s Steakhouse is a terrific place to eat if you want steak or excellent meals.

You can get some of the most incredible steaks you’ve ever had at this restaurant.

In addition to their succulent steaks, they also provide a variety of dishes like lobster, shrimp, and salmon.

What to Do with Kids

After finishing their main course, the youngsters can select a sweet finale for their dining experience at Cattleman’s Steakhouse.

They provide a variety of desserts, including cheesecake, ice cream, and apple pie.

Your children will undoubtedly smile as they leave the eatery.

Lunch at this renowned restaurant is one of the most extraordinary things to do in El Paso with kids.

Recommended Ages

Everyone is welcome to dine at Cattleman’s Steakhouse and enjoy a sumptuous supper.