12 Legit Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money

Being a teacher is a rewarding but often financially challenging profession. Luckily, there are several legitimate ways for teachers to make extra money outside of their regular classroom duties. Here are 12 great options:

  1. Tutoring: Many students and parents are looking for private tutors to help with specific subjects or test preparation. Utilize your expertise to offer tutoring services and earn extra income.
  2. Online Teaching: Take advantage of the growing demand for online education by teaching classes or offering virtual lessons in your area of expertise. Platforms like VIPKid and Teachable can help you get started.
  3. Summer School: Consider teaching summer school to earn additional income during the school break. Many schools and districts offer summer programs that provide extra pay for teachers.
  4. Curriculum Development: Use your instructional design skills to create and sell educational resources and lesson plans online. Websites like Teachers Pay Teachers allow you to monetize your expertise.
  5. Freelance Writing: If you have strong writing skills, consider freelance writing opportunities in the education sector. Write articles, blog posts, or even e-books on educational topics to generate extra income.
  6. Coaching/Consulting: Share your knowledge and mentor other teachers or educational professionals. Offer coaching or consulting services to help improve teaching practices and earn extra money.
  7. Grants and Scholarships: Research and apply for grants and scholarships available to teachers. Many organizations and foundations offer financial support specifically for educators.
  8. Extra-Curricular Activities: Get involved in coaching a sports team, leading a club, or organizing after-school activities. These positions often come with extra pay and can be a fun way to earn money.
  9. Adjunct Professor: If you have a higher degree, consider teaching part-time at a local college or university. This can provide both extra income and valuable networking opportunities.
  10. Online Course Creation: Develop and sell your own online courses on platforms like Udemy or Coursera. This allows you to share your expertise with a wider audience and make money doing it.
  11. Book Reviewing: If you enjoy reading and have a knack for writing reviews, consider becoming a book reviewer. Many publishers and websites offer payment for book reviews.
  12. Summer Camp Instructor: Work as an instructor at a summer camp during your time off. Many camps hire teachers to lead activities and teach specialized skills, providing extra income during the summer months.

Remember, taking on additional work should not compromise your effectiveness as a teacher or your well-being. Balance your time and commitments wisely to ensure you maintain a healthy work-life balance while leveraging these opportunities to make extra money.