13 of Our Favorite Halloween Candy Experiments

  1. Dissolving Candy Pumpkins: Place candy pumpkins in different liquids like water, soda, vinegar, and oil to see which liquid dissolves the fastest.
  2. Candy Corn Density: Create a density column using different Halloween candies like candy corn, chocolate bars, and gummy worms to observe how the candies stack based on their density.
  3. Exploding Pop Rocks: Drop a handful of Pop Rocks into a balloon and blow it up to see if the candy’s popping effect can make the balloon burst.
  4. Candy Chromatography: Use coffee filters to separate the different colors in Skittles or M&M’s using water as a solvent.
  5. Dissolving Gummy Bears: Drop gummy bears into different liquids to determine which liquid causes the most significant dissolution.
  6. Floating Sweets: Investigate whether some candies float or sink in water by experimenting with different types of Halloween treats.
  7. Candy Corn Catapult: Build a small catapult using popsicle sticks and rubber bands to launch candy corn and observe how far they can go.
  8. Sticky Candy Slime: Mix melted gummy bears with cornstarch to create an oozing slime substance that can be explored and played with.
  9. Candy Melting Challenge: Compare the melting points of various Halloween candies by heating them in the microwave or oven and observing their behavior.
  10. Candy Bar Rocket: Create a simple rocket using a candy bar as fuel and see how high it can go.
  11. Sour vs. Sweet: Conduct a taste test experiment comparing the effects of sour candy and sweet candy on the taste buds.
  12. Candy Monster Reactions: Use different candies to create a “monster” and observe how they react when placed in various solutions like water, vinegar, or soda.
  13. Candy Memory Game: Create a memory game using different Halloween candies, challenging players to find matching pairs.

These Halloween candy experiments provide an exciting way to engage in hands-on learning while exploring scientific concepts and having fun. Enjoy experimenting and discovering the wonders of candy!