14 Best Beaches Near Anaheim, CA — The Closest Beach Spots

After experiencing and enjoying the wonders of Anaheim, you should think about visiting some of the breathtaking beaches close to the city.

The beaches near this popular travel destination are incredibly beautiful, and there are many wonderful activities for you and your holiday companions to choose from.

There is an abundance of entertaining activities to choose from at the popular beaches near Anaheim, CA, such as beach volleyball, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and so forth.

Grab your luggage and your spouse, family, or friends. You should all read this carefully curated list to prepare yourselves for what could be a once-in-a-lifetime beach experience.

  1. Alamitos Beach — Long Beach

A 32-minute drive away from Anaheim is Alamitos Beach, which is probably the most well-known beach in the locale.

It has soaring palm trees, pearly white sand, and innumerable facilities.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Embark on some of the best coastal holidays from Anaheim at Alamitos Beach.

There is the perfect mix of sand, sun, and sea, as well as a plethora of fun-filled activities to enjoy with your travel buddies.

Along its immaculate shorelines, you can enjoy yourself by participating in an engaging game of sand volleyball, basking in the sun, building tall sandcastles, riding a bike or a skateboard on the pathways, having picnics with your loved ones, and so on.

In the gleaming water, you and your loved ones can also enjoy catching fish, swimming, skimboarding, and so forth.

Expert Tip

Alfredo’s stocks the essentials, so you can buy or rent the items you need if you don’t want to travel with too much luggage or if you forgot them.

Alfredo’s is an in-house concessionaire and rental outlet.

They rent out collapsible chairs, beach parasols, and surfboards and sell consumables like food and drinks.

  1. Mother’s Beach — Long Beach

Mother’s beach is located on the shores of Alamitos Bay.

It is a child-safe beach ideal for families and children of all ages.

Why We Recommend This Beach

I positively advise that you visit Mother’s Beach while on holiday with your family and friends because it is the most secure beach for children.

The water is calmer than most other coastlines along the ocean because it rests out on a bay.

The water also doesn’t have vigorous waves or currents, and it is kept clean as well.

You can enjoy a wonderful day with your children, having fun and playing at the bay.

You can also teach your children how to swim, sculpt, or build castles out of the sand and watch them enjoy themselves at the playground there, amongst other possible alternatives.

You can spend time sunbathing while your teenagers occupy themselves with kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, and so forth, under the strict supervision of a vigilant lifeguard.

Expert Tip

There’s a cafeteria on Mother’s Beach called Mom’s Beach House Café, so you don’t need to worry in case you don’t want to cook and pack food for your entire family.

The eatery serves scrumptious meals like fresh seafood, hamburgers, and other delicious snacks.

  1. Bolsa Chica State Beach — Huntington Beach

The Bolsa Chica State Beach is a scenic shoreline that has gleaming azure waters, a coastline of very fine white sand, and sweeping views of the ocean.

Why We Recommend This Beach

There are so many entertaining activities on this beautiful beach close to Anaheim that you, your family, and your friends can spend time bonding over.

They include fishing, surfing, swimming, bonfires on the beach, spicy barbecue grills, cycling along the coastline, and so many others.

Bolsa Chica State Beach boasts several amenities to make your stay more pleasant and calming.

These amenities include vigilant lifeguards, picnic tables so that food can be eaten away from the sandy beach, shower stalls so you can wash up with clean water, sandy volleyball courts, and so forth.

Expert Tip

Bolsa Chica State Beach has an RV campground, allowing you to extend your weekend beach trips from Anaheim.

You can drive your recreational vehicle to this beautiful beach and stay at campgrounds that even have water and electricity hookups.

  1. Corona Del Mar State Beach — Newport Beach

Corona Del Mar State Beach features a secure beachfront, pristine water, a shoreline with fine sand, and countless fun prospects.

Also called Big Corona Beach, it is the closest beach to Anaheim.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If you’re still a novice swimmer or can’t swim strong yet, then Corona Del Mar State Beach is the best beach for you.

Its breathtaking coast is the most preferred for swimming.

Its shores are protected from huge waves and stronger currents by a jetty, and it also has abundant professional lifeguards available to assist day and night.

You can entertain yourself with snorkeling, scuba diving, sunbathing, picnics, playing sand volleyball, photo shoots with your friends and family, and so on.

Expert Tip

Do you want to come with your pet to the beach?

If you do, know that Corona Del Mar State Beach only allows dogs from 10 am to 4 pm.

  1. Manhattan County Beach — Manhattan Beach

Manhattan County Beach is the most preferred beach for aqua sports.

It is popular amongst locals and tourists as well for the many recreational choices it offers.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Come on over to Manhattan County Beach after enjoying Disneyland and all the other sensations at Anaheim.

You can delight in numerous events with your loved ones, such as different types of surfing, like wind and body surfing, and so many more at Manhattan County Beach.

Enjoy romance at the beach with your beloved by setting up a romantic picnic at the oceanfront, holding hands while strolling down the pier, and gazing at the sky as it burns out into a colorful sunset.

Expert Tip

Manhattan County Beach has beach wheelchairs available for you to rent if your travel buddy has a bodily disability.

  1. Huntington City Beach — Huntington Beach

Just a 30-minute drive away from Anaheim is Huntington City Beach.

This is probably the most beautiful beach in California. It has powdery white sand, cerulean water, and breathtaking vistas of the North Pacific Ocean.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Huntington City Beach is the ideal place for spontaneous escapes at a beach away from Anaheim with your loved ones.

You can make memories with each other by enjoying yourselves both on land and on the ocean.

The delightful activities you can take part in include playing volleyball against your loved ones, playing with a frisbee, catching fish, telling tales by a bonfire, surfing, covering each other up in the sand, and so on

Expert Tip

To rent equipment like beach chairs and umbrellas, go to the south side of the wharf.

Parking lots for your cars can also be found in two areas at both ends of the pier.

  1. Main Beach — Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach has a very popular coastline called Main Beach.

Main Beach is beloved by locals and tourists as well because of its ease of access, multiple facilities, and beautiful terrain.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Take your family and friends to Main Beach on a pleasant day trip.

You and your loved ones can have a memorable day at this immaculate beach, having fun participating in one activity or the other or just idling peacefully on the shores.

Enjoy activities like playing basketball or volleyball, bodyboarding, kayaking, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, body surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and so on.

Expert Tip

Don’t go to the northern end of Main Beach if you’re coming with your children

There are some small rocks in the area that can be dangerous to kids.

  1. Redondo County Beach — Redondo Beach

Redondo County Beach is picture-perfect, and it spans approximately two miles in length.

Its sunny shores have several facilities, as well as a site with grass and vibrantly colored flowers.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Are you yearning for a holiday at an immaculate beach that offers many recreational options?

If yes, then I suggest Redondo County Beach.

Several fun activities abound at Redondo County Beach, such as fishing at the wharf, sunbathing, surfing the waves, windsurfing, and many more.

The coastline has many facilities to increase your comfort, such as beach volleyball courts, a playground for children, ADA-accessible amenities, attentive lifeguards, and picnic sites.

Expert Tip

Redondo County Beach is very near Half Moon Bay Golf Links, so you can golf on your vacation if you want to.

The golf course is public and has bocce ball courts, two 18-hole courses, and an eatery that serves myriad delicacies.

  1. Balboa Pier Beach — Newport Beach

Balboa Pier Beach is a picturesque coastline that has a pier, a shoreline that is kept pristine, and glimmering azure-blue waters.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If none of the beaches in Anaheim have facilities that cater specifically to your preferences and essentials, then you should visit Balboa Pier Beach.

You can enjoy an unforgettable day with your travel buddies under the vigilant watch of the lifeguards, doing many delightful things like parasailing, surfing, body boarding, skim boarding, boogie boarding, and so on.

Expert Tip

If you’re searching for a really good place to relax and enjoy delicious alcoholic drinks with your travel buddies, you should check the Stag Bar + Kitchen out.

They serve many different alcoholic drinks and delectable meals, such as meatballs and pizza.

  1. Moro Beach — Laguna Beach

Moro Beach, also popularly called El Moro Cove, is located inside Crystal Cove State Park.

Why We Recommend This Beach

It is one of the four beautiful beaches inside Crystal Cove State Park.

Moro Beach has a shoreline of diamond-white sand, clear blue water, and very tall cliffs at the back.

You can entertain yourself at this beach by bodyboarding, kayaking, surf fishing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

You can also choose to lay by the shores to soak up the sun, read a great book, take beautiful pictures of the sights, have a picnic at the beachfront, and lots more.

Expert Tip

Make sure to check out the rest of Crystal Cove State Park before you leave for home.

You will find a local eatery and bar, renovated old houses that are up for rent, and picturesque paths perfect for cycling on the mountain.

  1. Huntington State Beach — Huntington Beach

Huntington State Beach is located inside a 122-acre park.

It is a wonderful destination and features different activities that appeal to persons of all ages.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Brace yourself for a thrilling experience with your loved ones at Huntington State Beach.

Ensure you apply enough sunblock as you enjoy your day while surfing, body surfing, bodyboarding, playing sandy volleyball, and taking a leisurely swim.

To increase your comfort on your trip, the beach provides shower stalls so you can wash the beach sand and seawater off, paved trails for cycling, outdoor grills to cook tender burgers, affable lifeguards supervising you and your travel buddies, as well as fire rings for bonfires at the beachfront.

Expert Tip

Three snack sheds sell fast food and cold beverages on the beach.

These sheds, however, are only open during weekends of the off-season and summer as well.

  1. Little Corona Del Mar Beach — Newport Beach

Little Corona Del Mar Beach is beloved especially for snorkeling since it has two rocky reefs that shield its shores from powerful waves and harsh currents.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Little Corona Del Mar Beach is a great choice if you’re looking to go on vacation at a beach with your family or friends.

You all can enjoy yourselves in an underwater adventure as you go snorkeling and scuba diving.

Also, many tide pools form when the water levels are reduced so that your children can have fun safely in these splash areas.

Expert Tip

Wear aqua shoes when you swim at Little Corona Del Mar Beach because there are numerous small rocks and pebbles on its sea floor that may injure your bare feet.

  1. Abalone Cove Beach — Rancho Palos Verdes

Abalone Cove Beach is a remote and tranquil shoreline that provides the ideal getaway for beach lovers.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Are you up for a serene escape away from the hassle and tedium of city life?

Then go on a relaxing retreat to Abalone Cove Beach.

Go straight ahead to the tranquility of Abalone Cove Beach instead of spending time searching for other lake beaches close by.

It provides an engrossing experience in nature, as you unwind by the shorelines while hearing the soft waves, delighting in the awesome sights of the ocean, and watching the fauna going by.

At Abalone Cove Beach, you can also go scuba diving, explore the caves in the vicinity, and so forth.

Expert Tip.

Abalone Cove Beach has an excellent spot for whale watching.

Mid-December through March is the best season to watch whales at this shoreline.

  1. Hermosa City Beach — Hermosa Beach

One of the most loved beaches near Anaheim, CA, is Hermosa City Beach.

It has a lovely coastline, numerous facilities, smooth white sand, and a very long pier.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Hermosa City Beach.

There are many fun activities for everyone to choose from when staying at this beach; from your family to your partner or your friends

You can play beach volleyball, teach your children how to catch fish at the pier, surf, and so forth.

You can also tone it down and unwind; lay on a blanket or towel to work on your tan, build huge sandcastles, hunt for beautiful seashells, set up a picnic at the beachfront, and so on.

Expert Tip

There are many other hot spots near Hermosa City Beach which may appeal to you.

You can go to The Comedy & Magic Club to enjoy an evening of laughing and drinking.

There are performances from Jay Leno and other amazing talents, as well as a superb array of food and drink options.