24 Strategies to Teach Students to Follow Classroom Rules

Are you looking for strategies to teach students to follow classroom rules? If so, keep reading.

1. Organize their surroundings so that the learner remains active and involved while demonstrating acceptable behavior.

2. Provide visibility to and from the learner. The teacher and the learner should be able to see each other. Make eye contact possible at all times.

3. Be a consistent authority figure (e.g., be consistent in relationship with the learner).

4. Show tasks in the most exciting and attractive manner possible.

5. Get the learner to keep a chart representing the amount of time spent following classroom rules, with reinforcement for increasing acceptable behavior.

6. Make sure you are regularly in proximity to the learner.

7. Give the learner many chances for social and academic success.

8. Give the learner positive feedback that indicates they are successful.

9. Display rules in several places (e.g., on the learner’s desk, etc.).

10. Make sure the learner receives the information appropriate to perform learning activities (e.g., written information, oral instructions, reminders, etc.).

11. Teach the learner directions/instructions.

12. Maintain a positive and professional relationship with the learner (e.g., an adversarial relationship is likely to result in failure to follow instructions).

13. Provide the learner with preferred duties.

14. Give the learner optional courses of action to prevent total refusal to obey teacher instructions.

15. Intervene early and often to prevent the learner’s behavior from leading to a contagion on the part of other students.

16. Get the learner to question any directions, explanations, or instructions not grasped.

17. Make the learner verbalize the classroom rules at designated times throughout the day (e.g., before school, during recess, at break time, at lunch, at the end of the day, etc.).

18. Provide instructions in a step-by-step sequence.

19. Select a peer to model following the rules of the classroom for the learner.

20. Talk with the learner regularly to ascertain if instructions are being followed.

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