15 Awesome Videos to Help Teach Students Contractions

Contractions are an essential part of the English language, but they can be a bit tricky for students to master. To help students grasp this grammatical concept, we’ve compiled a list of 15 fantastic educational videos that are both engaging and informative. These videos will not only teach students how to form contractions correctly, but also how to recognize and use them in their everyday communications.

1. “Contractions Grammar Lesson” by EnglishLessons4U

This comprehensive lesson goes over the basics of contractions and provides ample examples for student practice.

2. “Apostrophes & Contractions” by Flocabulary

This catchy and memorable rap introduces students to contractions in an entertaining way that’s hard to forget.

3. “Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar – Conjunction Junction Music Video” by Disney Educational Productions

A classic favorite, this fun video teaches contractions through music and unforgettable visuals.

4. “The Contraction Song” by Scratch Garden

This upbeat tune reviews common contractions and provides ample opportunities for students to sing along.

5. “Grammaropolis – Contractions!” by GrammaropolisOfficial

Follow Dr. Noize on his journey through Grammaropolis where he discovers various contractions in an amusing manner.

6. “Contractions Matching Game” by Have Fun Teaching

A useful resource for teachers, this interactive game reinforces contraction knowledge through hands-on practice.

7. “English Grammar for Kids: Contractions with Not” by Learning Planet

This age-appropriate video highlights negative contractions in an easy-to-understand manner.

8. “Contractions – English Songs for Kids” by LingoPie!

Featuring animated characters, this lively song engages kids while teaching the basics of contractions.

9. “Let’s Learn About Contractions!” by Annie and Jose have Fun Teaching

An appealing educational video that covers everything students need to know about contractions.

10. “The Contraction Action Song” by Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching

With repetitive lyrics and a catchy tune, this song will have kids learning contraction rules in no time.

11. “Katie’s Contractions” by Jack Hartmann Kids’ Music Channel

Using a story-telling format, this video incorporates a heartwarming tale with essential grammar concepts.

12. “Contractions with Animals” by Lindsay Elishia

A creative combination of animals and a sing-along style to teach different contractions to the little learners.

13. “Let’s Make Contractions!” by Teacher Toni

This interactive video lesson allows students to practice forming contractions in real-time with on-screen prompts.

14. “Read Aloud – A Contraction Story” by Mackenzie’s Reading Log

An engaging read-aloud that captures students’ interest while teaching them the importance of contractions in everyday language.

15. “Punctuation Explained (by Punctuation!)” by The Write Channel

Using friendly punctuation characters, this whimsical video teaches proper rules for contractions and other aspects of grammar.

In conclusion, these 15 videos offer engaging ways to teach students about contractions while making learning fun and memorable. By incorporating these educational videos into your lesson plan, you’ll be helping your students build a strong foundation in grammar that will serve them well throughout their education.