15 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Chattanooga with Kids

Let’s just say that we are utterly envious if your next family vacation is spent in Chattanooga, a city known for its diverse culture.

You and your family will have a blast because this place has many unforgettable attractions.

The only challenge, in our experience, is deciding where to go.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of fun family activities in Chattanooga.

  1. Tennessee Aquarium — Downtown Riverfront

This top-notch aquarium comprises two buildings where visitors can spend the day looking at local and exotic creatures.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Families visiting Chattanooga frequently choose the Tennesse Aquarium as their top attraction.

The diverse exhibits at the aquarium provide a wide range of creatures that the whole family will enjoy seeing.

It’s difficult to ignore this family-friendly location given its convenient downtown location.

Recommended Ages

This respected aquarium will leave a lasting impression on families with children of all ages.

  1. Coolidge Park — North Shore

Coolidge Park offers stunning views of the Tennesse River in Chattanooga’s North Shore neighborhood.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Let your kids play in the animal-themed fountain if you’re seeking free, family-friendly activities in Chattanooga.

Additionally, there is always a fantastic show to watch at active places.

Recommended Ages

Parents, grandparents, and kids of all ages love this bustling riverside area.

  1. Rock City — Lookout Mountain

This well-liked location is a specific target for cheap family entertainment since it is only 6 miles from Chattanooga’s downtown.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Family vacationers love Rocky City for its mountaintop setting, which offers breathtaking views of seven neighboring states.

Admire the enormous rock formations and lovely landscaping.

Additionally, traveling youngsters love the Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village for their wide variety of kid-friendly activities and enchanting ambiance.

Recommended Ages

Families with kids of all ages are encouraged to visit Rock City.

  1. Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum — Central Chattanooga

More than simply a museum, this attraction takes visitors on a scenic tour through the verdant Tennessee mountainside.

Why We Recommend This Activity

One of our top favorite family activities in Chattanooga is this.

A pleasant environment is provided by the retro antique trains, and each trip includes interactive entertainment that enhances the historical experience.

Recommended Ages

All ages of children are invited to board the Tennesse Valley Railroad Museum’s train.

  1. Ruby Falls — Lookout Mountain

Ruby Falls is the country’s tallest and deepest underground waterfall.

This stunning natural feature, first found in 1928, is a must-visit location.

Why We Recommend This Activity

This is among the most exhilarating family activities in Chattanooga.

Visitors explore these unearthly caverns as they descend the 260-foot elevator.

You can select from many trips to find out the history of how this cave was found.

Recommended Ages

Although there are no age limitations here, strollers are not allowed.

  1. Southern Belle Riverboat — Riverfront

Two boats owned by the Southern Belle Riverboat Company were built expressly for leisurely sightseeing cruises on the Tennessee River’s splendor than form a ship.

And taking one of these lavish cruises is one of the best things to do in Chattanooga with your kids.

Everybody will have the ideal ride thanks to their selection of cruise options.

Recommended Ages

Families with kids of all ages enjoy visiting this incredible sight.

  1. High Point Climbing & Fitness — Downtown

High Point is one of the newest hotspots for vacationing families and is situated in downtown Chattanooga.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The proximity of Lookout Mountain to the city may motivate family vacationers to engage in some daring climbing.

You can scale walls safely and amusingly at High Point.

This is one of the best places in Chattanooga to bring kids because it has a nice Kids Zone where kids may practice climbing.

Recommended Ages

Teens will have a great time here, but children as young as three can also have fun on these climbing walls.

  1. Creative Discovery Museum — Downtown

The Creative Discovery Museum is one of the best kids’ museums in the country.

Why We Recommend This Activity

If you’re looking for toddler-friendly activities in Chattanooga, you won’t want to miss this.

These cutting-edge interactive exhibitions and educational activities will be a hit with your enthusiastic and active kids.

Recommended Ages

All family members are welcome, although young children will particularly enjoy these exhibits.

  1. Tennessee Riverwalk — Downtown

This beautiful greenway, which passes the Walnut Street Bridge and ends at Chickamauga Dam, runs through the center of Chattanooga’s rebuilt waterfront neighborhood.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Take a stroll along the Tennessee River and enjoy the picture-perfect views of this city for cheap family entertainment.

Families traveling with a baby will appreciate this hotel’s peaceful ambiance and handy downtown location.

Recommended Ages

The Tennesse Riverwalk is appropriate for all age groups of families.

  1. Lookout Mountain Incline Railway — Lookout Mountain

The Inline Railway has served as a practical means of transportation at Lookout Mountain since the 1800s and has a significant history.

Why We Recommend This Activity

This ride is a terrific way to get to all of Lookout Mountain’s top attractions.

Children like the adrenaline, and parents may take in the breathtaking vistas as they climb.

There are many things to enjoy at the top and bottom of the ride.

Recommended Ages

The Incline Railway is open to kids of all ages.

  1. Lula Lake Land Trust — Lookout Mountain

More than 8,000 acres of the area’s natural treasures, which surround Lookout Mountain, are protected by the land trust given to Lula Lake.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Three hiking routes around Lula Lake take tourists off the usual path through priceless, well-preserved surroundings.

Enjoy this beautiful landscape by hiking to Lula Falls.

Recommended Ages

Although families with younger children can still use the shorter routes, the longer hikes are great for teenagers and their youthful parents.

  1. Chattanooga Ducks — East Ridge, Harrison, Lookout Mountain, and Sequatchie

Visitors at Chattanooga Ducks ride in “amphibious” vehicles from WWII that can travel on land and in water.

Why We Recommend This Activity

After a day of water exploration through some of the toughest to-reach animal sanctuaries in the area, take a ride downtown Chattanooga for unquestionably the most exciting tour available.

Your tour guide will occupy you with a variety of fascinating information.

Recommended Ages

One of the most excellent rides for children of all ages. Even babies can unwind to the calming hum of the ship’s motor.

  1. Reflection Riding Arboretum — Lookout Creek

Just 6 miles from Chattanooga’s downtown, the 317 acres of forested area at Reflection Riding Arboretum allow visitors to re-establish their connection with nature.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Thinking outside the box is essential when figuring out things to do in Chattanooga with kids.

This undiscovered gem serves as a unique environmental learning center for families who respect nature.

Self-guided tours are recommended, but you may rent a canoe or paddleboard and explore the new Lookout Creek for added excitement.

They also have a Natural Animal Exhibit where you may witness many native species.

Recommended Ages

Family members of various ages enjoy the attractions here, from babies to parents.

  1. Raccoon Mountain Caverns — East Chattanooga

There are 5.5 miles of tunnels beneath Racoon Mountain, including various caverns that are big enough for amateur explorers.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The best tourist cave system in the country right now is Raccoon Mountain Caverns.

Their Crystal Palace Walking Tours guides are incredibly entertaining and knowledgeable while showcasing beautiful geological features.

Recommended Ages

The age requirement for all cavern trips is six.

  1. IMAX Theater — Downtown Riverfront

Despite being a component of the Tennessee Aquarium, we view the IMAX Theater as a stand-alone destination.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The best family-friendly activity in Chattanooga is undoubtedly this unrivaled theater experience.

The epic “Turtle Odyssey,” which shows this weekend and depicts the life cycle of Australian sea turtles in glorious panoramic 3D, is one such example.

Recommended Ages

These unique presentations are easily absorbed by kids of all ages.