23 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Sedona with Kids

Sedona, with its dazzling blue skies and strikingly colored surroundings, is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The desert town’s outdoor charms and cultural riches have made it a popular family vacation spot for years.

There are so many enjoyable activities to do in Sedona with kids, from watching breathtaking sunsets to visiting galleries.

And now, some advice on how to have a fantastic family vacation in Sedona.

  1. Red Rock State Park

The Red Rock State Park is a great destination to take your family on a scenic and enjoyable nature vacation because of its kid-friendly hiking routes.

The Cathedral Rock, one of Arizona’s most well-known sights, is also visible from this park.

Hike the Eagle’s Nest Loop to the park’s top to enjoy the expansive views.

Remember to stop by the park’s visitor center to learn more about the moonlit treks, led nature walks, and local history.

For children aged 612, the park also has a Junior Ranger program.

Exploring the park is one of the nicest things in Sedona, with kids six and older.

  1. Pink Jeep Tours

A Pink Jeep tour is one of the best ways to experience Sedona’s picture-perfect and captivating beauty.

With this family-friendly trip, you can just sit back, unwind, and take in the sights of the red rocks.

We advise you to embark on the exhilarating 4×4 off-road Diamondback Gulch Tour, which passes through the Greasy Spoon and Sidewinder Trail.

You could also choose the more strenuous Broken Arrow Tour.

These excursions will allow you to view some of the most famous sights in this fascinating tourist location.

These tours are appropriate for children of all ages and are family-friendly.

  1. Sunset from the Sedona Airport Overlook

We enjoy having a successful day’s end.

And for that reason, we are speechless at the breathtaking sunset from the Sedona Airport Overlook.

Take a stroll to this gorgeous location, then sit back and enjoy the sun’s graceful descent into the valley below.

We are confident that kids will adore the eye-catching hues of gold that the sun emits at this picturesque location.

It’s also a great viewpoint at sunrise when Coffee Pot Rock and Thunder Mountain are bathed in stunning light.

Kids 6 and older will enjoy this family outing to the outdoors.

  1. Chapel of the Holy Cross

We like to go to Sedona’s Chapel of the Holy Cross when we want to experience local culture.

This chapel is undoubtedly one of the nicest and most picturesque locations in the area with its amazing contemporary facade and mountainous backdrop.

Take some time to admire the magnificent red rocks surrounding the location.

After that, enter the chapel and enjoy the peaceful environment.

This destination is ideal for photography enthusiasts and visitors aged 18 and up because of its Instagram-worthy sights.

  1. Slide Rock State Park

A fun-filled and unforgettable family day out is guaranteed at the historic 43-acre apple farm, Slide Rock State Park, in Sedona, Arizona.

It is located in Oak Creek Canyon and is a fantastic place to cool off.

You’re about to embark on a wet and wild experience in its chilly natural water slide, so don’t forget to carry your swimwear.

Your family will enjoy the many captivating sights in this family-friendly region.

Children of all ages can enjoy Slide Rock State Park.

  1. Drive Red Rock Scenic Byway 179 and 89A

To experience Sedona’s beauty, your family trip doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

A quick drive through the region will reward you with picture-perfect vistas of Sedona’s renowned red rock landscape.

I advise you to travel via Red Rock Scenic Byways 89A and 179 to see Arizona’s renowned and distinctive scenery from a different angle.

Famous sites, including Snoopy Rock, Bell Rock, and Courthouse Butte, will be visible from these drives.

Additionally, it will give you a sneak preview of the Chapel of the Holy Cross’s splendor.

Kids of all ages will enjoy these drives.

  1. Bell Rock Pathway Hike

The 3.5-mile Bell Rock Pathway connects Sedona to the Village of Oak Creek and is a simple, family-friendly hiking trail.

You’ll have heavenly views of numerous well-known Sedona sights as you trek this pathway.

With the help of this hiking trail, you may get a close-up view of Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock, and the fabled red rocks of Arizona.

Kids who have never hiked before should choose this short, uncomplicated climb because it is perfect for them.

One of the top family-friendly activities in Sedona for children ages three and older is the Bell Rock Pathway.

  1. Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art

One of the largest fine art exhibitions in the world, Exposures International Gallery is filled with delightful and stunning works of art.

You may find more than 100 artists’ diverse original paintings, glass art, and sculptures.

Kids will like the lessons and the exhibits, especially if they are beginning to appreciate art themselves.

Children of all ages can enjoy the gallery.

  1. Cathedral Rock Hike and Vortex

One of the activities you must not miss while visiting Sedona with kids is hiking Cathedral Rock.

In addition to its breathtaking vistas, the monument includes a vortex, a concentrated source of healing energy that rises from the ground.

Prepare your children for this short, family-friendly trek in Sedona, Arizona.

While some rock climbing is required, most kids find the ascent relatively simple.

As you ascend, experience the energizing vortex that nurtures feminine qualities like goodness, patience, and compassion.

Children ages six and above will enjoy this family nature tour because of its easy path.

  1. Sunset Drinks at Canyon Breeze

After a day of hiking or constant touring, are you looking for a great place to chill in Sedona with your kids?

Canyon Breeze is our preferred, go-to afternoon hangout location in Sedona because of its stunning views and delectable refreshments.

Sabrina’s Ice Cream serves delicious ice cream that children will adore.

Adults would also appreciate sipping on several drinks to relieve their thirst.

The eatery also offers burgers and pizza for your family if you’re hungry.

The restaurant’s patio also has the best view of the city’s red sandstone and mountains.

This restaurant will be enjoyable for kids of all ages and one of their favorite things to do in Sedona, Arizona.

  1. Airport View Trail and Vortex

Your Sedona travel plan should include the short, family-friendly Airport View Trail.

This climb has stunning vistas, and you can also sense the power of a strong vortex.

This well-liked hike, which is 2.3 kilometers long overall, is a practical and handy nature outing for the family.

While hiking this walk, keep an eye out for the beautiful natural flowers and birds in the vicinity.

Then, take part in the healing Airport Vortex, which is claimed to unleash masculine energy that will make you feel more motivated and self-assured.

For children 12 years of age and older, the hike is ideal.

  1. Uptown Sedona

Do you need some retail therapy?

Why not take the family to explore Uptown Sedona?

The area has a variety of activities to occupy you and your children for hours, from Native American crafts to souvenirs.

Your small ones will love exploring Candle Magic’s selection of crystals, candles, bracelets, and necklaces.

The boutiques, art galleries, and gift shops in the vicinity are also great for mom and dad.

One of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in the city for children of all ages is Uptown Sedona.

  1. Outlaw Grille

The burgers at Outlaw Grille may be the best tasting in Sedona.

Their burgers’ juicy meat and fresh fixings will satisfy your child’s appetite.

Their legendary Outlaw Classic burger is a must-try here.

We also highly recommend trying their baby back pig ribs, known for their award-winning homemade barbecue sauce.

Fries, sandwiches, and many other options are available for youngsters at the eatery.

This restaurant is appropriate for kids of all ages because of its variety of meals.

  1. Airport Summit Trail

Take kids up Sedona’s Airport Summit Trail to experience the vortex’s positive cosmic energy.

The Airport Mesa is one of those unique locations with intensely good energy, even though the entire city is a vortex.

As you walk the trail, you’ll be able to feel the “masculine energy” that the Airport Mesa vortex emits.

Spend some time admiring the breathtaking views of Thunder Mountain and the valley once you’ve reached the summit.

Children ages nine and up can participate in this hike, which is pleasant for families.

  1. Sedona Heritage Museum

One of the most significant places for families to learn about the city’s expanding history is the Sedona Heritage Museum.

After all, it has been added to the National Register of Historic Places and is a veritable treasure trove.

View the ever-changing and permanent exhibitions that reflect the town’s history of orchards, winemaking, and cowboys.

Visit the movie set construction to discover more about Sedona’s filming history.

Children will adore the museum’s gift store, which offers souvenirs associated with farming and the displays.

Making a quick pit stop at this museum is one of the best and most entertaining things to do in Sedona with children.

  1. Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

An enjoyable and well-liked arts and crafts hamlet that provides a sense of Old Mexico is the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village.

Explore the village’s shops, cafes, and galleries to see the works of art, crafts, and other items made by the many creative local artisans.

Parents will enjoy browsing the shops and viewing the artwork.

The Tlaquepaque Toy Town is heaven for children.

The village is a great stop for kids of all ages because it has many shops.

  1. Airport Loop Trail

Are you looking for more exhilarating hikes and activities in Sedona?

This Sedona hike offers a diversity of topography, from flat trails to moderate rocky climbs, making it a great trip.

Not to mention that many locations provide breathtaking views of Cathedral Rock.

Then, to make your journey more thrilling and enjoyable, hike to the Tabletop Trail.

Don’t forget to hike a short distance to the restorative vortex.

The trail’s east side can be a little dangerous. Therefore, hikers older than 18 should avoid it.

  1. Cowboy Club

Cowboy Club must be on any list of the top and most enjoyable things to do in Sedona.

For anyone visiting Sedona, we recommend this restaurant because of its delicious food and gorgeous decor.

Try some of the restaurant’s well-known and distinctive offerings, like the Cactus Fries Grilled Rattlesnake & Wild Boar Sausages.

However, the Kalya Her ribs and Bison Burger are among our faves.

While there, take a moment to ponder its magnificent Wester and Country furnishings.

Children of all ages will enjoy the restaurant.

  1. Devil’s Bridge Trail

Are you ready for one of Sedona’s most strenuous activities?

Compared to the Sedona hikes that are appropriate for kids, I find the Devil’s Bridge trail hike a little strenuous.

However, the vistas are entirely worthwhile.

With this trip, you may marvel at the area’s most significant natural sandstone arch.

Additionally, cross this bridge for a memorable photo opportunity.

Although it might look frightening, everyone can go there without being hurt.

Only families with children aged 15 and up should go on the hike due to its moderate difficulty.

  1. Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad offers a unique train experience that lets you view the red rock canyons from a moving perspective.

Go first class and savor various pleasures, including the welcome toast, champagne, and canapes.

Additionally, a First Class room provides you access to an open-air carriage where you are free to take unhindered pictures.

It is also calming and contains an educational commentary ideal for young viewers.

Children of all ages can make the 20-mile excursion.

  1. Boynton Canyon Trail

In my opinion, Sedona’s Boynton Canyon Trail is one of the most beautiful and family-friendly hiking routes.

The route is home to one of the city’s more powerful vortexes and its stunning surroundings.

Hike this family-friendly walk and enjoy the view.

Watch out for the animals and plants in this canyon in Sedona.

You and your kids will enjoy the trail’s forest-like ambiance created by the maple and oak trees.

Children three and older are welcome on the trail.

  1. Out of Africa Wildlife Park

This Arizona vacation spot is ideal for families, and kids and even adults will like it.

This wildlife oasis, a haven for animal enthusiasts, provides your family with a fun-filled safari-like adventure.

View countless cute animals, including lions, grizzly bears, zebras, giraffes, and black leopards.

Kids should be allowed to view shows like “Tiger Splash,” the enormous snake show, and the predator feed.

A visit to this park will be fun for kids of all ages.

  1. West Fork Trail

You can enjoy the West Fork Trail, one of the most well-liked walks in the country, while on a family vacation in Sedona.

Enjoy the 13 fun crossings of the creek as you follow it through the canyon level.

Your children will enjoy using the logs and stepping stones to cross.

The walk also features a variety of stunning plant life and rock structures.

Children six and older can use the West Fork Trail.