15 Fun Things to Do in Columbus, GA with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

Columbus, Georgia, is often referred to as “Fountain City,” but do you know why?

It is sourced from the city’s many stunning fountains.

Did you know there are more kid-friendly activities besides visiting fountains all day in Columbus, GA?

The city has excellent museums, historical sites, parks, and whitewater activities suitable for the whole family.

When planning a family trip, consider Columbus a possible destination because there is plenty to do here.

  1. National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center

In 2009, the National Institute of Medicine first opened its doors.

The museum’s interactive exhibits will transport you to another age.

It’s an excellent way for kids and adults alike to enjoy learning about the past.

Why Your Family Should Go

There are thousands of hands-on displays to explore in the museum.

The 3D theater uses 6P laser light projection, making for clear images.

Looking for family-friendly activities in Columbus?

Think of going to the NIM.

What to Do with Kids

The NIM provides a variety of family-friendly events, such as summer and mini-camps for kids.

The military lifestyle is explored in greater depth in these programs for young people.

Campers can act in battles from the past if they so want.

The children also got to sample the military rations that were available at the time.

Recommended Ages

The museum’s interactive exhibits are a must-see for children over four.

Still, grownups and parents are welcome to join in the merriment.

  1. Columbus Riverwalk

Long-term in scope, the Columbus Riverwalk has been in the works since 1987.

There was formerly just a single mile of paved path, but now there are about 22 miles.

It stretches the length of the Chattahoochee River between the River Road Marina and the Infantry Museum.

Visitors from all walks of life can relax in this linear park.

Why Your Family Should Go

Viewpoints are plentiful over the entire length of the walk.

This paved trail is great for bicycling, running, and strolling.

One of the best family-friendly activities in Columbus is taking a stroll down the riverfront at the Riverwalk.

What to Do with Kids

The fact that swimming, consuming alcoholic beverages, and driving motorized vehicles are all banned here is a significant plus.

Children can play freely and interact with other children without fear of harm.

Do you intend to bring a pet?

You’re good to go if you keep the city’s leash and cleanliness laws in mind!

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome, from young children to mature individuals.

  1. National Civil War Naval Museum

With a floor space of 40,000 square feet, the National Civil War Naval Museum is a veritable treasury of naval items from the American Civil War.

Rare items from that era, including warships, are on display.

Why Your Family Should Go

You can see Civil War banners, ship parts, reproductions, and more at the museum’s exhibitions.

Visitors have the option of signing up for narrated tours.

Guests can learn more about the daily routines of military members thanks to these tours.

The historic Union blockade of 1861–1865 will be covered, along with much more!

What to Do with Kids

Columbus has a lot of great activities for families with young children, so there’s no need to stress about coming up with ideas.

I recommend that you check out this museum.

Get on board the CSS Albemarle, a legendary Confederate ironclad.

It was doomed after taking a devastating torpedo hit, despite its reputation for daring strikes and impregnable armor.

Seeing a warship isn’t something that happens on a daily, right?

Recommended Ages

It doesn’t matter what age you are, and everyone will enjoy this interactive museum.

In addition, you are no longer in danger from enemy torpedoes.

  1. Bowlero (AMF Peach Lanes)

Bowlero, which has been open since 2016 and can be found on Bradley Park Drive close to Scott’s Pro Shop, is a famous bowling alley in the area.

Why Your Family Should Go

Bowlero is the best spot to eat, drink, and have fun with friends and family.

It boasts cutting-edge bowling alleys with neon lights and retro-chic seating areas.

Do you consider yourself an arcade aficionado?

Bowlero offers a wide variety of activities for children, such as the newest arcade games and fan-favorite classics.

Its arcade games include Mario Kart, Jurassic Park, and Pac-Man.

Visit this spot if you’re searching for clean fun with the kids in Columbus.

What to Do with Kids

How often do you wish you could take a trip in a car with protective bumpers?

You and your children will have a blast crashing into each other in the arena.

To add insult to injury, this also.

In addition, you and your loved ones or party visitors can challenge each other to a game of darts.

Recommended Ages

There are enjoyable pursuits for people of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents.

However, children under the age of 13 should never be left unattended and always need to be under the watchful eye of an adult.

  1. Coca-Cola Space Science Center

The Coca-Cola Space Scientific Center was the only science museum in Georgia when it opened in 1996.

The facility’s planetarium and other interactive exhibits promote science education for all ages.

Why Your Family Should Go

Here, you can handle authentic pieces of the Space Shuttle.

One enjoyable way to start the day is by gathering the family in a remote-controlled observatory.

Use large telescopes to learn about the universe.

Or, put your knowledge of the stars and planets to the test with a visit to the planetarium.

This is among the best attractions in Columbus for families.

What to Do with Kids

Consider signing up your budding astronauts for Activ8.

There are activities like “Space Robotics,” “Roaming Robots,” and “Astronaut for a Day” at this summer camp for kids.

Recommended Ages

Most of the center’s educational programs are geared toward students aged six and up.

  1. Columbus Aquatic Center

The Columbus Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for the upkeep and operation of the Columbus Aquatic Center, which includes enforcing the facility’s rigorous regulations regarding the use of the pool and diving boards.

It’s a great place to take the kids because there’s a brand-new pool.

Why Your Family Should Go

The pool at the center is ideal for leisurely lap swimming.

As a bonus, you have three diving boards to show your skills.

What to Do with Kids

You may use it for the better part of the year.

So, bring the kids to Columbus, Georgia, and participate in this.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome to use the center’s water features under the watchful eye of staff members, so babies and toddlers can safely enjoy themselves.

  1. Whitewater Express Chattahoochee

Whitewater Express started as a river outfitter back in 1980.

Also found in Tennessee’s Ocoee River and North Carolina’s Nantahala River.

Why Your Family Should Go

Rappelling, ziplining, kayaking, and fishing are just a few of the many exciting outdoor activities offered by Whitewater Express, which welcomes guests of all ages.

In other words, you’re about to embark on the most heart-pounding experience imaginable.

What to Do with Kids

Whitewater rafting is the ultimate adrenaline rush for adventure seekers.

The uniqueness of each test adds to the adventure’s overall appeal.

Recommended Ages

White water rafting is safe for anyone above the age of seven.

Fans of ziplines need to be at least ten years old to experience the thrill.

An alternative aerial course is tailored to children ages 5 to 7.

  1. Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center

The Oxbow Meadows was developed by CSU, Columbus Water Works, and the city of Columbus.

In 1995, it first welcomed guests.

Why Your Family Should Go

The facility is home to various animals your family may get up and personal with, from snakes and other reptiles to insects.

Seeking out their natural history exhibits and native wildlife collection is a must.

Regarding kid-friendly activities in Columbus, these are your only options.

What to Do with Kids

Experience a marsh stroll, picnic with tortoises, or look closely at fascinating insects.

Explore the outdoors in a lighthearted and entertaining manner.

Recommended Ages

There is no age restriction on who can visit the center, so bring the whole family along.

  1. Heritage Corner

In the center of the city lies a historical area called Heritage Corner, which features buildings from the 19th century that seem to have been frozen in time.

The home of Dr. John S. Pemberton can still be seen there.

By the way, he supplied us with Coca-Cola.

Why Your Family Should Go

From simple to ornate, your loved ones will be met by architecture from the 19th-century South.

Markers describing the significance of some buildings’ histories can be found there.

Relaxing and learning about local history can be done in tandem at Heritage Corner.

What to Do with Kids

You’ll want to have your cameras ready for a group photo next to the bronze statue of Dr. Pemberton resting on a park bench.

Recommended Ages

Teens and young adults with infants will have a blast with this.

  1. Columbus Ice Rink

The ice rink first welcomed customers in 2011 and features a cutting-edge sound system.

Did you know that the legendary Columbus Hockey Association plays its home games at the Columbus Ice Rink? Correct

Why Your Family Should Go

Would you like to learn some new moves for figure skating?

Or perhaps you’re searching for a low-cost ice-based pastime for the whole family.

If so, you’ve found the right site.

The whole gang should get in on the freezing fun immediately, so bring everyone you know.

What to Do with Kids

It’s a lot of fun to learn how to ice skate.

In any case, it’s acceptable for a family outing if you plan on bringing along the little ones.

At least you have options when there are kids around.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome at the venue.

Skaters, though, need to be at least old enough to walk unassisted.

  1. The Columbus Museum

In 1953, the museum’s doors first opened to the public.

Due to the abundance of recently acquired exhibits, the space now resembles a cultural center rather than a museum.

Why Your Family Should Go

The museum’s collection has expanded to include works by African Americans.

You should check out this venue if you and your loved ones are serious art enthusiasts.

Children and adults alike can learn about art at the museum through seminars.

What to Do with Kids

Learn to appreciate art from a fresh angle by getting your hands dirty with your kids.

Recommended Ages

Even at the age of two, kids can begin exploring their creative sides.

The museum will be just as enjoyable today as this weekend.

Both adults and children can benefit from more education.

  1. Columbus Botanical Garden

In 1999, a place for botanic gardening was established in Columbus.

With 36 acres, this property boasts a natural trail, concrete walkways, and flowers!

In large numbers!

Why Your Family Should Go

The Columbus Botanical Garden has trees, vegetables, flowers, and birds.

The venue spans over 30 acres of varied terrain for tourists to explore.

Your children will have endless room to play, study, and make friends.

Thus, this is the perfect location for your tribe if they enjoy outdoor adventures.

What to Do with Kids

Feel free to participate in organized garden visits and educational excursions.

This assortment of activities is sure to keep you occupied throughout your stay.

On the other hand, you are free to go around the area by yourself if that’s what you prefer.

And if these don’t do it for you, bird watching could.

This is indeed one of the best family-friendly activities in Columbus, Georgia.

This garden hides many hidden treasures.

I’ll leave their discovery to you and the kids.

Recommended Ages

The garden, in all its colorful splendor, is ideal for a family outing that includes members of all ages.

  1. Flat Rock Park

Flat Rock Park was once a quarry until its transformation in 1909.

Much of Columbus’ pavement is created from stone that was quarried initially.

A sizable lake and dense forests are its most striking features.

The park also features bridges with intricate stonework.

Why Your Family Should Go

Beautiful setting for a family reunion picnic if you and yours enjoy using barbecues.

Activities can be found in plenty in this area.

Trails for hiking and biking, as well as more active games, are available to the group.

If you reside in the area and want to make last-minute travel plans, this is a beautiful spot to do it.

What to Do with Kids

There is plenty of open space, making it ideal for sporting events.

Those who like to keep their bodies moving can use a kayak, run, bike, or swim.

Relaxing activities such as fishing, disc golf, and hiking are all available.

The playground is the finest place to take the kids.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of any age are welcome to enter Flat Rock Park.

It’s more enjoyable for older, more physically active kids and adults.

Your little children will benefit much from the more soothing entertainment.

  1. Blue Heron Zip Line & Aerial Ropes

Have fun on the 45-foot free fall, the 1200-foot Zip Line, the 500-foot Zip Line, the treetop canopy tour, and the 1100-foot Zip Line back to the starting point.

Fly across the Chattahoochee River on the interstate zip line.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you have a fear of heights?

Just get over it!

In other words, prior experience is unnecessary.

It’s possible to tailor the challenge to the skill level of your entire clan by offering a range of options.

A zipline tour and a journey through the canopy of trees are included.

What to Do with Kids

This is a great family-friendly activity in Columbus.

Your older children are welcome to try out the aerial course; it has no age restrictions or weight limits.

They can travel with their parents in a supervising capacity or the other way around.

Instruct your older children and teenagers to swim across the river at breakneck speeds!

Recommended Ages

For the safety of children ages 5 to 11, the aerial course requires adult supervision.

You must be at least ten years old and weigh between 70 and 265 pounds to ride the zipline.


  1. Cooper Creek Park

Muscogee County’s Cooper Creek Reservoir is located here.

Cooper Creek is home to the most significant public soft-court tennis facility in the United States.

Treize tribunals!

Why Your Family Should Go

There’s nothing like having a good time as a family without breaking the bank at a nearby park.

Pavilions can be found in the park for use during picnics.

If you’d instead cook a barbecue, that’s fine too.

What to Do with Kids

The park features tennis courts where you and your kids may work up a sweat while learning a new sport.

The fishing places and horseshoe courts are great for leisurely pursuits.

Those who would instead get out and enjoy the fresh air can use the walking routes.

There are a few playgrounds for kids to enjoy.

If you’re into it, there are ducks you can feed, too.

Recommended Ages

Everyone of any age is welcome at Cooper Creek Park. Here are some family-friendly activities in and around Columbus, GA.