15 Fun Things to Do in Daytona Beach with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

Daytona Beach is a paradise of enjoyment for families.

In the past, famous for its spring break parties, it’s now full of family adventures that aren’t expensive.

From water experiences to air trips, you’ll find a lot of exciting activities to do in Daytona Beach with children.

Also, we’re encouraging you to try a remarkable family journey in Daytona Beach by listing the best child-friendly things to do.

  1. Daytona Beach

Extending over twenty-three miles, this famous approval-free oceanfront hangout is filled with exciting children’s activities.

Why Your Family Should Go

They don’t call this wonderful stretch the most famous beach in the world for no reason.

With its vintage pier and traditional shore activities, this shoreline site warranties an incredible old-school getaway this holiday.

You’ll explore a lot of free-of-charge child-approved activities to do in Daytona Beach, like sandcastles building.

What to Do with Kids

The shore has a harmless and child-approved, traffic-free 12-mile area where tourists can experience a lot of things.

This area provides a ton of excitement for teenagers and young kids from boogie climbing to sandcastles building.

Recommended Ages

We suggest this oceanfront spot for children of every age.

  1. Daytona Beach Surfing School

Founded in 2000, this school owned by a family was the first enterprise in Daytona Beach to provide surf lessons and camps.

Why Your Family Should Go

Enjoy a bit of exploration into your holiday by learning some surf lessons from the Daytona Beach Surfing School.

With instructors who are CPR-certified and coherent waves, you and the team will learn this sport in a short period.

What to Do with Kids

Learn the fundamental skills and techniques of surfing by taking their 2-hour session.

Otherwise, there are 5-day camps accessible for those who want to dominate this sport.

Recommended Ages

Listed as one of the most wonderful activities to do in Daytona Beach with children ages 6 and up.

  1. Sunglow Pier

Available every day, this confidentially owned pier has been interesting for families and fishers since 1960.

Why Your Family Should Go

Sunglow Pier is the spot to visit in Daytona Beach if your loved ones want to have a fishing experience.

Not like any other piers, teens ages 16 and below are not necessitated to have a license to fish.

What’s extra, the pier has several services for the whole family.

What to Do with Kids

Rent a couple of poles, grab a bait, and attempt to get a Spanish Mackerel, Trout, and Flounder from this pier.

After that, visit Crabby Joe’s for wonderful refreshments and a beautiful sea sight.

Recommended Ages

Sunglow Pier is a relieving pit stop for kids of every age.

  1. Daytona Lagoon

Accessible since 2005, this year-round fun center is one of the most wonderful spots to go with children to Daytona Beach.

Why Your Family Should Go

Looking for fun and madly exciting family things to do in Daytona Beach?

Why miss having a day with the crew at Daytona Lagoon?

It doesn’t just feature a fun water park, but it additionally has a lot of land-based year-round spots.

What to Do with Kids

Have a wet and enthusiastic experience striking the park’s water facilities, involving its cozy river, wave pool, tipping buckets, and slides.

You might additionally experience its other spots, its arcade, tall ropes, go-karts, hiking wall, and laser tag, for instance.

Recommended Ages

Daytona Lagoon provides many child-friendly activities to do for tourists of every age.

  1. Daytona International Speedway

This complex has been presenting the world’s most impressive racing competitions since 1959, like the Daytona 500.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Daytona Global Speedway provides making-of tours on its race-free days.

Besides emphasizing the history of the speedway, the tour additionally has fun hands-on adventures.

What to Do with Kids

Try a behind-the-wheels experience and let your adrenaline rush through a race with Richard Petty Driving.

Youngsters 14 years old and older might ride along with an expert driver on a 3-lap run at speeds that surpass 160 miles per hour.

There are ride-long adventures for children ages 6 to13.

Recommended Ages

The Daytona International Speedway is full of things to do and spots for children ages 6 and above.

  1. Daytona Beach Zipline Adventure

In Tuscawilla Park, this air experience provides families with 3 thrilling courses.

Why Your Family Should Go  

In the mood for an adrenaline-rushing experience, but have no clue what to do in Daytona Beach with children?

If so, don’t miss out on paying for a trip to this thrilling park on your Daytona holiday.

Including 12 zip lines and expert guides, this park provides a protected and fun aerial experience for families.

What to Do with Kids

Conquer the park’s exciting courses that mix zip lines and tall ropes through the tree canopies and over lagoons and grass.

Recommended Ages 

This park is top fitted for kids ages 10 and up.

For children to join this air experience, they should be at least 54 inches.

  1. Museum of Arts and Sciences

A Smithsonian Institution affiliate, this museum is a source of over 30,000 pieces.

Why Your Family Should Go

A trip to the MOAS is listed as one of the best activities in Daytona Beach with kids.

With a collection of practical activities, this museum guarantees an informative experience for young kids.

What to Do with Kids

See the exciting Coca-Cola memorabilia diversity, planetarium, and old-school trains at this museum.

Stop by the museum’s children’s section and let the little kids have fun with its hands-on activities.

Recommended Ages

Kids ages 6 and above will have fun exploring this museum.

  1. Daytona Beach Bandshell

This amphitheater at Ocean Avenue was added formally to the US National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

Today, it’s an admired landmark providing gratis events and shows.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you’re looking for inexpensive family fun, Daytona Beach Bandshell is excellent for you.

Having a sight of the Atlantic Ocean, this beautiful coquina amphitheater has a lot of approval-free events and shows.

What to Do with Kids

This amphitheater provides a free concert series featuring a range of music acts from May to September.

Also, it has a lot of receptions and group activities the whole year.

Recommended Ages

The Daytona Beach Bandshell is a great rest stop for teenagers and youngsters (ages 12 and up).

  1. Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort

This 4-star resort is a perfect spot for a family escape with its amazing beachfront spot and kid-approved facilities.

Why Your Family Should Go

Hilton Daytona has all things you desire for a fun-packed shore escape with your loved ones.

Shore access? For sure!

Pools and children’s activities? Undoubtedly!

The resort has comfortable accommodations for those who are visiting with a baby.

What to Do with Kids

Your small kids will undoubtedly have a brilliant time swimming in the pool and having fun with the resort’s children’s activity club.

Parents will love the ping-pong facility and mouth-watering on-site restaurants.

Recommended Ages

Hilton Daytona is proper for kids of all ages.

  1. Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory

Established originally in 1925, this old-school chocolate factory will please your taste buds with its delicious chocolate goods.

Why Your Family Should Go

For years, Angell & Phelps has been famous for its excellent, fresh, handmade chocolates.

Indeed, it’s regularly rated by travel magazines as one of America’s 10 Sweetest Spots.

What to Do with Kids

For everybody’s much-loved price of zero dollars, you might go for a 20-minute tour of the factory.

Guided by a professional chocolate specialist, this tour features making unique chocolates.

Following your educational tour, try some fresh chocolates at the counter.

Recommended Ages

Angell & Phelps provides an exciting and enjoyable experience for kids of every age.

  1. Jackie Robinson Ballpark

Founded in 1914, this historical minor league area is the formal home of the Daytona Tortugas.

Why Your Family Should Go

With its child-approved atmosphere and low-priced tickets, this ballpark makes an inexpensive and exciting evening sojourn.

Also, the field has a collection of recent state-of-the-art extras involving the latest high-quality left field video board.

What to Do with Kids

Experience a live Daytona Tortugas game from April to August.

Spectators will be treated to a remarkable firework display after the home game on Saturdays.

Recommended Ages

Jackie Robinson Ballpark is perfect for young sports buffs ages 6 and up.

  1. Dancing Avocado Kitchen

In downtown Daytona Beach, this child-friendly restaurant lures guests with its yummy culinary makings.

Why Your Family Should Go

Dancing Avocado Kitchen is wonderfully child-approved.

Also, while it’s famous for its vegan selections, the restaurant has some meaty dishes for selective eaters, involving spam and hamburgers.

As an extra, the restroom is stocked with extra diapers and other baby necessities.

What to Do with Kids

Its homemade hummus, avocado salads, and guacamoles will satisfy your taste buds.

You’ll also appreciate its refreshing juices and electric atmosphere.

Recommended Ages

Dancing Avocado Kitchen has a mixture of treats perfect for visitors of every age.

  1. Three Brothers Boards

Three Brothers Boards provide fascinating SUP trips in Daytona Beach and the Halifax River.

Why Your Family Should Go

With amazing quality gear and well-informed guides, this SUP tour is guaranteed to give you scores of lovely memories.

Great for families, this trip is additionally proper for the kids.

What to Do with Kids

This trip will take you below a bunch of bridges and through tubes guided by a savvy guide

Also, the adventure tour will lead you to superficial waters and spaces where you can spot a lot of manatees and dolphins.

Recommended Ages

This SUP tour is proper for energetic children ages 6 and up.

  1. Sun Splash Park

Extended 4 acres, this water wonderland at Atlantic Avenue is meant for families.

Why Your Family Should Go

Sun Splash Park is thrilling.

This park will excite you with water jets, picnic spaces, and a shaded playground.

What to Do with Kids

Have a few hours playing at its exciting water fountain and playground.

With its oceanfront spot, it’s additionally a tremendous base for a beach getaway.

Recommended Ages

Sun Splash Park has things to do and services proper for children of all ages.

  1. Daytona Beach Boardwalk

Established in the late 20s, this concrete promenade is a cell of activity on the shore.

Why Your Family Should Go

The boardwalk is a source of some of the most unbelievably exciting activities to do in Daytona Beach with children.

The boardwalk is filled with life and hotspots, from amusement centers and arcades to restaurants.

What to Do with Kids

Visit its amusement park and experience a ride of the slingshot, roller coaster, and Ferris wheel.

You might additionally try its arcade games and experience its bumper cars.

Also, don’t forget to go to Zeno’s to try some good saltwater taffy.

Recommended Ages

Daytona Beach Boardwalk contains diversions and delights perfect for children of every age.