15 Times That School Signs Made Us LOL (Even When They Didn’t Mean To)


School signs are meant to inform, educate, and enforce rules. However, there have been instances where they’ve managed to turn heads and make us laugh out loud – without even trying! Here are 15 hilarious school sign mishaps that we just can’t get enough of.

1. The Irony Strikes:

A sign outside a school reads, “Fasion and Desighn Club.” It seems like this might be the perfect place for the students to learn about spelling!

2. Refer to Page 404:

A sign highlighting their new library technology boasts, “404 Computer Lab – Moving Education Forward,” only for us to associate it with the infamous ‘404 Error’ that’s encountered when a webpage is not found.

3. Seeing is Not Believing:

An optical illusion of a sign says, “Honk If You Love Jesus; Text While Driving If You Want To Meet Him.”

4. A Hygiene Reminder:

A restroom sign pokes fun at germaphobes with, “Hand Sanitizer: Now Less Effective Due to Overuse.”

5. Physics Meets Philosophy:

Outside a physics class, a sign muses in jest, “What if Schrodinger’s cat went to school? Would it study both inside and outside of its box?”

6. Eco-friendly Lunch Suggestions:

“Help Save the Earth,” suggests a cafeteria sign. “It’s the only planet with chocolate!”

7. No Pushing Allowed:

On entrance doors of a school that read ‘PULL’, someone cleverly placed stickers above each word stating “Do Not.”

8. A Spelling Lesson to Remember:

During an event promoting literacy awareness, the unfortunate sign spelled it as “Literacy Awarness.” Oops!

9. Proper Punctuation Matters:

An expressive notice regarding quiet hours during exams says: “QUIET!!! Please students’ are reading.”

10. Talk About Work-Life Balance:

A well-meaning school sign suggests, “Please turn off your phones – and enjoy your kids.”

11. Cafeteria Wisdom:

In a colorful display of culinary philosophy, one sign says, “You are what you eat. Don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.”

12. Food for Thought:

A clever quip graces the school’s lunch lines: “Vegetarian: Ancient tribal slang for the village idiot who can’t hunt, fish, or ride.”

13. Clear Communication:

“Drugs Will Turn You into a Slug,” warns a school sign with unusual metaphorical flair.

14. The Honest Report Card:

Capturing the dread of every student, a sign claims “Report cards will be sent out Monday to crush weekend plans.”

15. Words of Encouragement:

A creative bulletin board catches everyone’s attention with its uplifting message: “Make waffles, not war.”


While these school signs may not have all been intentionally funny, they certainly managed to spread some laughter and brighten our days! It’s always refreshing to encounter humor in unexpected places – even at school!