The 10 Best Online Tools for Teacher Planning

In the digital age, teachers have a plethora of online tools at their disposal to help them plan lessons, manage classrooms, and engage with students. With so many options available, it can be challenging to know which ones are worth trying out. To narrow down your search, here is our list of the top 10 online tools for teacher planning:

1. Google Classroom: A popular choice for educators around the world, Google Classroom streamlines the process of assigning and collecting student work. It also offers features such as announcements, a grade book, and a calendar for easy organization.

2. Planbook: This tool allows you to create digital lesson plans that automatically sync with your calendar. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to schedule events, set reminders and attach resources.

3. Edmodo: A platform designed specifically for teachers, Edmodo offers many features to help manage your classroom like assignments, quizzes, and communication tools. It also allows teachers to connect with a community of fellow educators for collaboration and support.

4. ClassDojo: With ClassDojo, you can create a positive classroom culture by tracking student behavior and sharing progress with parents in real-time. Teachers can assign points or badges based on student performance or choose from a variety of pre-made templates.

5. Socrative: Engage your students with interactive quizzes or polls using Socrative. Teachers can instantly assess student understanding through various question types and receive real-time data on student performance.

6. Trello: Embrace organization with Trello’s intuitive project management tool designed for teams. Collaborate on lesson planning and tasks while clearly visualizing progress through Trello’s color-coded cards and lists.

7. Kahoot!: Bring fun into your lessons with Kahoot!’s game-based learning platform. Create quizzes or trivia games that students can access on their devices — perfect for reviewing material or introducing new concepts.

8. Evernote: Compile and organize your ideas, lesson plans, and resources with Evernote. This app helps you keep track of important notes and documents and allows for easy access across multiple devices.

9. Quizlet: Streamline your studying process with Quizlet’s digital flashcards, quizzes and learning games. Teachers can create customized study sets or choose from the vast library of pre-made content.

10. Teachertube: Much like YouTube but tailored for educators, Teachertube is a video-sharing platform that offers thousands of instructional videos covering various subjects. Teachers can use these videos to supplement their lessons or as inspiration for creating their own.

In conclusion, incorporating these online tools into your teaching routine can significantly improve your planning process and enhance student engagement in the classroom. Don’t be afraid to explore the functionalities each platform offers and find the right combination for your unique needs. Happy teaching!