19 Ways to Get Students to Participate in Learning Activities

Are you looking for ways to get students to participate in learning activities? If so, keep reading.

1. Let the learner select a special event or exciting learning experience for the class.

2. Give the learner success-oriented special activities or learning activities so they may develop an interest in them.

3. Alter or adjust situations that cause the learner to be reluctant to participate (e.g., degree of difficulty, competition, fear of failure, threat of embarrassment, etc.).

4. Place emphasis on individual success or progress rather than winning or “beating” other students.

5. Give the learner chances for small group participation as opposed to large group participation.

6. Urge the learner to take part in small groups. As the learner shows success, slowly increase the size of the group.

7. Urge the learner to share things of special interest with other members of the class.

8. Select a peer to model appropriate interactions in classroom learning activities for the learner.

9. Get the learner to question any directions, explanations, and instructions not grasped.

10. Let the learner select a group of peers with whom they feel comfortable.

11. Ascertain which peers the learner would most prefer to interact within classroom learning activities and attempt to enable the interaction.

12. Select outgoing, non-menacing peers to help the learner participate in classroom learning activities.

13. Organize their surroundings so the learner has many chances to interact with other peers in classroom learning activities.

14. Assign the learner to classroom learning activities in which they are likely to interact successfully with peers.

15. Organize a sociometric learning experience with the class to ascertain those peers who would most prefer to interact with the learner in classroom learning activities.

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