20 Best Anti-Bullying Videos to Share With Your Students

Teaching students about the impacts of bullying and how to combat it is a crucial subject in schools. Sharing videos with your class can be an effective way to get this important message across. Here are 20 of the best anti-bullying videos to share with your students.

1. “Don’t Laugh at Me” by Peter, Paul, and Mary – A heartfelt song with lyrics that emphasize the importance of empathy and understanding.

2. “The Bully,” a TEDx talk by author and motivational speaker Jaylen Bledsoe – In this talk, Jaylen shares his inspiring story about overcoming bullying and teaches valuable life lessons.

3. “Sesame Street: Respect” – A short, engaging video for young children introducing the concept of respect towards others.

4. “My Face” by Wonderland – An empowering video and song that proclaims confidence in oneself despite what others may say or think.

5. “Anti-Bullying Tip: Including Others” from The Kids’ Guide to Life- This video teaches inclusion and emphasizes the power of kindness in combatting bullying.

6. The Weinstein Company’s “#IAmAWitness” campaign – A variety of informative and visually appealing videos created to raise awareness surrounding cyberbullying.

7. “How to Beat a Bully Without Really Trying” performed by The Piano Guys – A refreshing approach to anti-bullying via music, compassion, and laughter.

8. “To This Day Project,a spoken word poem by Shane Koyczan – A powerful message against bullying backed up with powerful visuals.

9. Cartoon Network’s “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” series – A collection of short videos aimed at kids that offer guidance on how to approach bullying situations effectively.

10. NSPCC’s “Sara’s Story,” an animated short that depicts a teenage girl’s experience with cyberbullying – A great resource to discuss the harmful effects of online bullying.

11. Danny & Friends Anti-Bullying Video Series – An animated series supplying creative ways for children to combat bullying through friendship and understanding.

12. “Bullying: Our Stories of Survival” – This documentary offers a comprehensive look into the lives of three youth who overcame severe bullying.

13. “Kelso’s Choice” Conflict Resolution Series – An educational series that empowers students with age-appropriate conflict resolution techniques.

14. Anti-Bullying Alliance UK short films – This collection focuses on addressing different aspects of bullying, such as name-calling, exclusion, and spreading rumors.

15. “It Gets Better” project – Inspiring stories from people who have faced bullying and adversity, providing hope for students suffering from similar issues.

16. “Weird!,” a read-aloud book by Erin Frankel– An excellent option for elementary-aged students that promotes understanding and compassion.

17. “The Pacer Center’s Kids Against Bullying” videos– Informative, peer-to-peer videos that educate about preventing bullying in schools.

18. “10 Ways to Stop a Bully” by Brooks Gibbs – A practical guide teaching peaceful methods to resolve conflicts.

19. The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign – Featuring videos and interactive lessons, this campaign encourages students to take an active role in preventing and addressing bullying.

20. Cybersmile’s “I Am A Witness” Interactive Film – Focused on combating cyberbullying, this film teaches viewers how to be good bystanders and intervene in online bullying situations effectively.

By showing these 20 anti-bullying videos, you’ll impart valuable lessons to your students while also fostering empathy and empowering them with tools to prevent and combat harmful behaviors.