20 Inspirational Bulletin Board Ideas for Black History Month


Black History Month, observed in February in the United States and Canada, is a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of African Americans throughout history. One great way to educate and engage students during this commemorative month is through inspiring bulletin board displays. Here are 20 inspirational bulletin board ideas to help you highlight Black history and culture in your classroom or school.

1. Famous African American Inventors

Celebrate African American inventors who have made groundbreaking contributions to various fields. Display pictures of inventors along with brief descriptions of their inventions.

2. Black Women in History

Highlight inspiring black women from different historical periods, including political figures, artists, and scientists, to show the diversity of their achievements.

3. Civil Rights Movement Timeline

Create a detailed timeline of major events in the Civil Rights Movement, featuring prominent leaders and activists.

4. Black Architects and Their Buildings

Showcase the work of influential black architects along with pictures of the buildings they designed.

5. Notable Black Authors & Poets

Display books and biographies of renowned black authors and poets like Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and Toni Morrison.

6. The Harlem Renaissance

Celebrate the cultural explosion of the Harlem Renaissance by displaying artworks, photos, literature excerpts, and musical compositions from that period.

7. Journey Through Slavery

Present a visual timeline describing the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and key milestones leading up to emancipation.

8. Birthplace Map

Create an interactive map with pins marking the birthplaces of iconic African Americans throughout history.

9. HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities)

Feature the history and accomplishments of historically black colleges and universities in America.

10. Musical Legends

Honor celebrated African American musicians from different genres – jazz, blues, hip-hop – alongside images or album covers.

11. Leaders in Sports

Pay tribute to African American athletes who have broken barriers and made significant contributions to the world of sports.

12. Talented Black Artists

Display artwork from prominent black artists, with each piece accompanied by a brief biography or an interesting fact.

13. Famous Firsts

Highlight milestones in black history by showcasing African Americans who were the first in their fields, such as Barack Obama and Mae Jemison.

14. Black-Owned Businesses

Promote local black-owned businesses by featuring them on your bulletin board along with descriptions of their products or services.

15. Unsung Heroes

Honor lesser-known figures in African American history that have made important contributions but may not be as widely recognized.

16. The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Analyze and illustrate the impact of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on desegregation, voting rights, and equal employment opportunity for African Americans.

17. Everyday Heroes: Black Professionals

Featuring local black professionals from various careers, highlighting their achievements and roles in the community.

18. Inspiring Quotes from Black Figures

Showcase inspiring quotes next to portraits of black leaders, activists, authors, and public figures.

19. Did You Know? Black History Facts

Assemble a collection of interesting and lesser-known tidbits about black history on your bulletin board with fun trivia questions for students to answer.

20. Celebrating Today’s Youth Activists

Highlight contemporary young leaders championing change in social justice, education, and environmental issues, among others.


Incorporating these inspirational bulletin board ideas will encourage discussion and engagement in your classroom throughout Black History Month. Not only do these ideas honor the achievements and contributions of African Americans, but they also foster an appreciation for the rich history and culture within our diverse society.