23 Geometry Games & Activities Your Students Will Love


Geometry is a fundamental branch of mathematics that deals with shapes, sizes, positions, and properties of things. Engaging students in geometry games and activities is an excellent way to help them develop essential skills in this subject. Here are 23 exciting geometry games and activities that your students will absolutely love!

1. Shape Hunt: Have students search their surroundings to find and classify different shapes.

2. Tangram Puzzles: Give students Tangram pieces to create various shapes and designs.

3. Geoboards: Use geoboards and rubber bands to explore geometric concepts like area, perimeter, and transformations.

4. Polygon Art: Encourage students to create colorful artworks using various polygons.

5. Geometry Bingo: Play a game of geometry bingo where each student gets a card with different shapes, angles, or terms.

6. Symmetry Drawing: Challenge students to draw one-half of an image, then have a partner complete the other half symmetrically.

7. Geometric Dominos: Create customized dominos with geometric figures or concepts for a fun matching game.

8. Circle Graphing: Have students use compasses or circular objects to create circle graphs representing specific angles.

9. Origami Shapes: Teach students how to fold paper into various geometric shapes using origami techniques.

10. Angle Sort: Provide a set of angle cards for students to sort based on their measurements or types (acute, obtuse, right).

11. 3D Shape Building: Give students materials like straws and playdough to construct three-dimensional shapes.

12. Area and Perimeter Challenge: Design real-life scenarios requiring the calculation of area and perimeter for problem-solving activities.

13. Trashketball Geometry: Set up a classroom basketball-style game where students answer geometry questions to score points.

14. Online Geometry Games: Introduce technology-based games such as GeoGebra or Shape Shoot for interactive learning.

15. Rotation Stations: Set up stations for students to practice rotating, reflecting, and translating shapes on graph paper.

16. Pythagorean Theorem Races: Organize relay races for solving problems using the Pythagorean theorem.

17. Interactive Geometry Notebooks: Encourage students to create personalized, hands-on notebooks while exploring geometric concepts.

18. Geometric Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items found in nature or around the school that demonstrate geometrical concepts, and have students search for them.

19. Geometry Escape Room: Develop an escape room experience with various geometry-related puzzles and challenges.

20. Human Geometry: Arrange groups of students into human shapes – square, triangle, circle – and evaluate their understanding of specific properties related to each shape.

21. Geometry Charades: Have students act out and guess geometric terms or shapes during a game of charades.

22. Marshmallow Geodesic Domes: Provide toothpicks and marshmallows for students to create small-scale geodesic domes while studying their properties and structures.

23. Optical Illusion Artwork: Inspire creativity by having students research optical illusions involving geometry and create their own illusionary masterpieces.


By integrating these fun geometry games and activities into your lesson plans, you can create an enjoyable learning environment that will help your students grasp essential geometric concepts in no time!