23 Outrageous and Funny Things Students Have Said to Teachers

Teaching can be a rewarding and challenging profession. One of the many perks of being a teacher is that there’s never a dull moment, as students often come up with some pretty bizarre and hilarious things to say. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 23 outrageous and funny things that students have said to their teachers.

1. “Is it true that humans and dinosaurs never met because they had different time zones?”

2. During a science lesson: “If an asteroid hit the Earth, would the dinosaurs come back?”

3. On math: “Why do we need math when we have calculators? They’re like tiny math teachers.”

4. A student complaining about homework: “The dog didn’t eat my homework, but the cat did. It was on my laptop, I swear.”

5. In an art class: “I’m not drawing stick figures; I’m creating minimalist art.”

6. When asked where he was during class: “I was in the bathroom, but then I got lost looking at memes.”

7. During history class: “Was Napoleon Dynamite related to Napoleon Bonaparte?”

8. At the beginning of health class: “Can I be excused from today’s lecture? My doctor recommended avoiding anything related to sex education for health reasons.”

9. After receiving a low test score: “You can’t blame me for this grade; your teaching license should be revoked for malpractice!”

10. In an English literature class: “The Great Gatsby? Isn’t that just Gatsby before he started working out?”

11. A student seeking clarification during biology: “So wait…Batman isn’t a real animal species?”

12. When asked how she felt about her teacher: “I think you’re just like my grandma – old but kind of cool.”

13. During algebra class: “If x equals infinity, then why can’t I just divide by zero?”

14. In response to a geography lesson on Earth’s rotation: “If the Earth keeps spinning, why don’t we get dizzy?”

15. In a discussion about current events: “Didn’t Alexander Hamilton just release a new rap album this year?”

16. During a physics lecture: “So, you’re telling me unicorns don’t exist? But what about narwhals? Those things are practically unicorn whales!”

17. Referencing a classic novel in class: “To Kill A Mockingbird? Bro, who did the bird even hurt?”

18. When confronted about not paying attention in class: “My other personality was listening.”

19. While attempting to get out of an assignment: “But can’t we just use Google Sheets as our online source for the essay?”

20. When discussing ancient Rome: “If they spoke Latin, where are all the American people from Latin America now?

21. During a world religions class: “Is Yoda considered a religious icon?”

22. After hanging up posters in class: “Why do people say ‘asbestos’ when they mean ‘as best as’?”

23. In response to a teacher’s gentle reminder about dress code violations: “It’s called fashion; look it up.”

These quotes serve as a hilarious reminder that students possess an abundance of creativity and wit. Teachers may occasionally shake their heads in disbelief at some of their students’ outlandish questions or comments, but it’s also these moments that keep the school day interesting and entertaining!